Brock University Conference Services

Conference Services

Brock University Conference Services

Welcoming more than 15,000 conference guests each year throughout May to August, we invite you to come and experience Brock University's Conference Centre --the largest conference centre in the Niagara region. 

Conferencing at Brock

We provide accommodations and food services for small or large conference groups to a maximum of 2,000 guest.  Our services include all your meeting, accommodation and catering needs -- all within a walk of each other.  Click here to learn more about conferencing/group bookings.

Student Housing

Every year students choose to stay on campus during the Spring and Summer months.  They enjoy the convenience of walking to their classes.  Each student has their own private bedroom.  We have students from around the world that arrive and stay with us each year.  Click here to learn more about student housing

Individual and Families

Individuals and families choose to stay with us during the Spring and Summer months.  We are centrally located in the region so most of Niagara is within a 20 minute drive.  Whether you are moving houses and need a place to stay, your family would like to vacation in the area for the week or you are an overnight traveller--you are welcome to stay with us.  Click here to learn more about individual reservation options.


The attendees were royally treated by you and your staff. The food was plentiful and well prepared. The overall service was very professionally conducted. Karolyn Frost, Harriet Tubman Institute