SOCI 2F60 - Foundations for Community Engagement

SOCI 2F60 - Foundations for Community Engagement

By facilitating meaningful participation in the communities and civic life of Niagara, the Foundations in Service Learning course will help you connect to the place where you have come to live and study for the next three to four years.

Foundations for Community Engagement involves:

Investigating ideas about service, citizenship, and community through a combination of traditional and out-of-classroom opportunities.

Participating in the communities and civic life of Niagara. Discovering how to respond to complex social problems and needs of people.

Learning by doing and learning collaboratively. Re-examining what you know. Sharing new knowledge and letting it guide future action


Calendar Description

SOCI 2F60  Foundations for Community Engagement
Interdisciplinary examination of philosophies, social histories and politics of community service, combined with experiential learning and field trips in community settings, and practices of self-reflection on community engagement.
Lectures, seminar, experiential learning activities, three hours per week.


neighbourhood clean-up