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Tuition & Related Fees

Student fees that may be assessed through your financial account with the University will include but may not necessarily be limited to the following basic fee categories:

Tuition is assessed at differentiated rates between: (a) first and continuing year of study, (b) programs of study and (c) international (visa) students.

Ancillary Fees are assessed on a per credit and sessional basis.  Most ancillary fees are mandatory.  The fees administered by the University are governed by an Ancillary Fee Protocol established between the University and the Students' Union.

Program Specific Fees may be charged because of the program you are enrolled in. Typical fees include Co-op administration, Placement or Practicum fees.  For details please consult Other Tuition & Program Related Fees.

Course Specific Fees may be charged by the University for the reasonable cost of such things as field trips, learning material and clothing retained by the student. Please consult course descriptions to identify if course specific fees apply.

Miscellaneous Fees or administrative fees are fees for service and may be incurred by a student as a result of a request or action. See the Miscellaneous Fees page for details.

Residence and Meal Plan Fees vary depending on the residence assigned and type of room. Meal plans are mandatory for certain residence facilities. For details consult the Residence Admissions website.

Tuition Schedules by Session:


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