Conversation Café

Conversation Café

In conversations we share ideas, learn from one another and develop relationships. Conversation Cafés are hosted conversations held in a public setting, where everyone is welcome to join. Our conversations are based on the idea that no single person has the whole answer to a question but rather that everyone can be enriched by the perspective of others. Conversations have a moderator who is responsible for the structure and flow of the discussion and a community guest to share his/her experience and knowledge on the question at hand. Come join the conversation.

Everyone is welcome. All that you need is an interest in the topic, a willingness to listen and learn from others, and, if you feel comfortable, to share your thoughts and experiences.
Benefits of good conversations
Conversations recognize that no one person has the whole answer but rather everyone has something important to say. The goal of a conversation is to create a safe space for people to open up to new possibilities, and new perspectives.
Please be on time, or even better arrive early and get a good seat!
All conversations are free, however donations are appreciated! Conversation Cafés are made possible through the support of Brock University and the generosity of our community. Donations can be made at each conversation.
Have an idea?
Do you have ideas for future conversations? Let us know at 
Agreements for a Great Conversation
• Open-mindedness: listen to and respect all points of view
• Acceptance: suspend judgment as best you can
• Curiosity: seek to understand rather than persuade
• Discovery: question old assumptions, look for new insights
• Sincerity: speak for yourself about what has personal heart and meaning
• Brevity: go for honesty and be concise


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