2015 Brock University Co-op Student of the Year Award

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2015 Brock University Co-op Student of the Year Award

What is the Brock Co-op Student of the Year Award?

It is an honour given by the Brock Co-op Programs Office recognizing a co-op student’s excellence in job performance, academic achievement and responsibility, based on a student’s particular contributions to their co-op employers, to Co-operative Education and the community-at-large.


What are the benefits of winning?

This award will be presented to two current co-op students.  The benefits of being awarded the Brock Co-op Student of the Year Award include: promotion through local publication, recognition during Co-operative Education Week, and presentation of a certificate. If you are selected for this Co-op honour, you might then be considered for the:

  •  Education at Work Ontario (EWO) Student of the Year Award, or
  •  Canadian Association for Co-operative Education (CAFCE) Student of the Year Award.


Who can nominate a student for the Brock Co-op Student of the Year Award?

  • A co-op employer
  • A co-op office staff member
  • A Brock faculty member


Are YOU Eligible?

  1. Are you in an undergraduate, diploma, or postgraduate program, registered as a full-time co-operative education program student?
  2. Have you completed, or will you complete a work term within the 2014 calendar year?
  3. Have you made outstanding contributions to your co-op program and community?


Criteria for Selection

(see nomination package for detailed guidelines):

  • Job Achievement
  • Contribution to Co-operative Education (e.g. volunteer ambassador for co-op, assisting at co-op events)
  • Student’s Personal Statement
  • Contribution

    to extra-curricular activities at school and/or in the community

  • Student’s Resume
  • Above Average Academic Achievement
  • Overall Assessment/Personal Comments by Employer and Co-op Office Staff

To apply for the 2015 Brock University Co-op Students of the Year Award:

Ask your 2014 work term co-op employer if they will support your nomination for this award. Click here for an information sheet to provide to your employer. 

Complete all of the components of the nomination application package

Deadline: Please submit the required documents as one file via email with the subject title: [2014BrockSOTYA_ProgramName_firstname_lastname] any time before 5:00 p.m. Friday, December 5, 2014 to Julia Zhu, Acting Associate Director at lzhu@brocku.ca



  • All nomination packages must meet all guidelines to be considered for this award. Incomplete packages will not be accepted.
  • Students are limited to one submission per year. 
  • The decision of the selection committee is final and may not be appealed.
  • You, as the co-op student applicant, must agree to allow Brock Co-op Programs Office to use your name, profile, and photograph for publication and promotional purposes.



The recipient of the CAFCE award is chosen from post-secondary co-op students nation-wide based on their standing in the following areas:

  •     workplace achievements (including mostly Outstanding ratings on work term evaluations)
  •     academic achievements (80 per cent average or above)
  •     contribution to the community and extra-curricular activity
  •     contribution to co-operative education

For more information about this award, please visit the CAFCE website.


EWO Award

The recipient of the EWO (university) award is chosen from post-secondary co-op students attending Ontario universities based on the same criteria as the CAFCE Award. The recipient of the EWO award will be presented with a certificate and $500. Nominees are selected and submitted to EWO by the student's school. Please visit the EWO website for additional details.

Nominees are selected to move forward in the CAFCE and EWO nomination process at the discretion of Brock Co-op Programs Office.




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