Fred Barzyk Q & A

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Fred Barzyk Q & A

1)    Sector and Job Title and Key duties:

My name is Fred Barzyk and I work in the federal government for Statistics Canada, where I am the Director of Retail and Service Industries Division which is the senior position in Statistics Canada responsible for the official measurement of retail and service activity in the Canadian economy.


2)   Where is your hometown?

St. Catharines, Ontario.


3)   Why do you hire Brock students?  What do you feel are some of the advantages of hiring Brock Co-o students?

I hire Brock students for a number of reasons. They are hardworking, bright and capable, and well-grounded in their expectations. They demonstrate a good work attitude and they adapt well to changing priorities and workloads, and they get involved. 

One big advantage is the length of work terms. While 4 month COOP terms are the standard, having an 8 or 12 moth work terms is a big advantage over other university programs, as it benefits both the employer and the student by adding more variety and consistency to an assignment.


4)   Advice to current co-op students?

Unless you truly want to be a specialist, focus on a well rounded academic and work experience. Marks are important, but equally important are the ‘soft skills’ that help you survive and prosper in today’s workforce. Be realistic in your expectations, practical in your decision making, and adaptable in day to day work. Speak up and get involved!


Fred Barzyk Q & A