Brady Peacock Q & A

Co-op Programs

Brady Peacock Q & A

Sector and Job description:

Consumer Packaged Goods. Logistics Group Manager. Leading a group of employees to transport our beer from the brewery to the customer.

Where is your hometown?

Orillia, Ontario

How did you benefit from the co-op program?

The co-op program at Brock has a solid reputation which helped me connect with some of Canada’s top employers. I was able to get a head start with practical work experience which landed me a rewarding career soon after graduation.

 Best memory of your time at Brock University?

The people made all of the difference. I have met several close friends during my school semesters, as well as on co-op that I still keep in contact with today.

Advice to current co-op students?

Take full advantage of the career tools provided to you by the co-op department, such as mock interviews and resume workshops. Try not to limit your job search to a specific location.

Future career goals and aspirations?

The possibilities are endless. Brewmaster, Plant Manager, Distribution Manager, or even Logistics Director are potential options for the future.