Fair Trade Committee

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Fair Trade Committee

EXCITING NEWS: In July of 2014, Brock was officially renewed as a Fair Trade campus by the Canadian Fair Trade Network!

The Fair Trade Committee reports to the Sustainability Coordinating Committee. This committee was responsible for acquiring Brock University's designation as a Fair trade Campus, and is responsible for the continued monitoring of the standards of the Fair Trade Campus designation. The Committee also sets goals for further expansion of Fairtrade offerings on campus as well as education and initiatives to raise awareness about where Fairtrade products are available on campus, and the benefits of Fair Trade.

What is fair trade?

Fair trade is a market-based system that uses informed consumer support to influence international trade and business practices toward greater social and environmental sustainability. As a response to conventional trade systems, which have very often contributed to poverty and poor working conditions within developing countries, fair trade aims to build an alternative approach based on mutually beneficial relationships between producers and consumers.

Who is on the Committee?

Tom Saint-Ivany
Associate Vice President, Facilities Management

Iain Glass
Director of Hospitality and Food Services

Heather Hill
BUSU Retail Manager

June Corman
Professor, Sociology

Anneka Bosse
Student Representative (Former Co-President of Brock Fair Trade)

Brandon Vrysen
Supervisor, Student Justice Centre

Em Heppler
Promotions & Public Relations Coordinator, OPIRG-Brock

Istafa Sufi
President, Brock ECO Club

Fair trade at Brock