Brock University collects personal information that is required to carry out its mandate and to perform related administrative functions.  Read more on the University Secretariat web site ...

To protect the privacy of your information, we will make reasonable attempts to verify your identify when contacting the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office before releasing information in person, by email or by phone.

OSAP applicants can assign consent to third parties by completing our third party release form.  To assign consent to release academic and financial information, you must complete a Third Party Authorization Form on the academic portal,  A valid CAMPUS ID and password is required.  For more information about the CAMPUS ID visit the ITS web site.

In Person

To discuss details of OSAP applications, we require the student to present valid government issued photo identification and proof of Social Insurance Number.  For awards and other academic inquiries, we require valid photo ID. If a student has assigned consent to release information, we require equivalent identification from the assigned third party.

Please Note: Our student service counter is a public space, and is not suitable for in-depth discussions regarding confidential or personal circumstances. If you wish to speak to your financial aid officer privately, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Via Email

We direct students to use their Brock-assigned email account to verify identity, although we will also serve applicants who email from the email address used in their application for admission or their OSAP application.  We do not release academic information, grades, Social Insurance Numbers, loan assessments, or other details of funding via email, though we will provide directions and application status updates upon request.  Students are directed to review OSAP information via the OSAP website for details, or to visit us in person.

By Phone

We will ask for the student’s social insurance number, name, and random security questions based on the students acadmic program or OSAP application information. We will discuss details of the application via phone, but never release SINs or other personal information, except for what is disclosed through the security questions or as part of an update or review.

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