Draft Long-Term Capital Plan

We want your input on capital project planning at Brock

Facilities Management has combined all of the University’s capital plans into one Draft Long-Term Capital Plan for the Brock community to review and provide input on.

The consultation process to date

This consultative process is being launched for the 2015/16 budget year a few months after finalizing this year’s budget. The plan is a work-in-progress and no final decisions have been made as input is being sought and available funding is still being assessed. Initial discussions suggest funding may not be available for all of the proposed projects.

While a five-year capital plan is being prepared and presented through this input process, the University’s Board of Trustees will only be approving one year of the plan on a year-by-year basis as part of the annual budget development process. The additional forecasted years will provide forward-looking information on upcoming capital work and purchases to support ongoing planning.

As you review the capital plan you will see the capital budget for 2014/15. These projects are already approved and are underway or being planned. While this year’s budget may be approved and underway, please note the remaining years of the plan are subject to change over time based on input received and availability of funding.

In preparing this initial five-year capital plan for comment, input was requested and received from various units and committees at Brock. The input included comments on deferred maintenance and other initiatives. As you review the plan, please note that deferred maintenance refers to facility renewal work that has been deferred on a planned or unplanned basis to a future budget cycle.

The timelines for these capital initiatives over the next five years is visually laid out in the spreadsheet on this site.

How to have your say and provide feedback

Feedback from the Brock community is being sought on these projects, which can be submitted using the web form on this site. Input will be used to help guide the decision-making process. Suggestions received this month by Friday, Aug. 29 will be assessed and the summary spreadsheet will be updated and re-posted at that time.

* Please Note: This capital plan does not account for work related to research grants and smaller purchases, like computers and equipment, accounted for in unit budgets. If your unit is planning capital work other than the type of work noted and do not see that work reflected in the capital plan please utilize the web form on this site to communicate.