Research Matters to be livestreamed at Alphie's

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Research Matters to be livestreamed at Alphie's

Published on November 25 2013

Graduate students Julia Polyck-O’Neill and Jory Korobanik come from two different research and academic worlds.

Polyck-O’Neill is an interdisciplinary humanities PhD student and Korobanik is a physics PhD student.

That places them at extreme ends of research disciplines. Yet, in the big research picture, they have a strong bond as research colleagues who share a passion and excitement for what they do and why it matters.

That’s the reason they both jumped at the opportunity this year to be Brock’s student ambassadors for the Research Matters campaign. The Ontario-wide initiative is co-ordinated by the Council of Ontario Universities to raise the profile of university research.

Korobanik is president of Brock’s Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) and Polyck-O’Neill is a GSA program representative and sits on the Research and Scholarship Policy Committee. As graduate student leaders, they have been out and about talking with fellow student and with faculty to support and publicize the Research Matters speaking series, What Matters Now. The series is travelling across Ontario this year to build connections between university researchers and the broader public.

The next event in the series is being held on Tuesday, Nov. 26, in London, Ont, It will feature fascinating research topics being explored by five of Ontario’s top university researchers, including Brock Prof. Ana Sanchez of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.

On Tuesday, Korobanik will accompany Sanchez and other Brock representatives to London. Polyck-O’Neill will hang back here to host a livestream presentation of the event at Alphie’s Trough, beginning at 6:15 p.m. The event is open to the Brock community and there is no charge to attend.

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