FAHS grad students participate in the inaugural Athletes & Social Change Educational Forum

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FAHS grad students participate in the inaugural Athletes & Social Change Educational Forum

Published on April 02 2013

Heading south of the border, two FAHS graduate students presented their thesis work at the recent ‘Athletes & Social Change Forum’ held at the Muhammad Ali Center hosted in partnership with the University of Louisville and Brown University.

Making the trip to Louisville to represent Brock University was Abbi Hill (MA in Sport Management) and Vicky Grygar (MA in Health and Physical Education).

The forum took place March 29 & 30, narrowing in on topics aimed to advance education, advocacy and research on the role and contribution of athletes toward social change, human rights and development.

"Not only were the sessions very insightful from an academic lens; but there were several informative lessons from athlete development leaders in the field" remarked grad student Abbi Hill.

Abbi Hill presented her thesis work 'An Examination of Athletes in Sport for Development Stakeholder Relationships’. A topic she is currently working on with co-supervisors Drs. Cheri Bradish and Lucie Thibault.

Also presenting at the conference was Vicky Grygar, delivering a well-received presentation on her thesis topic, 'Reclaiming the Rights of Youth: Lived Experiences of the Canadian Hockey League’. A topic she is currently working on with her supervisor Dr. Cathy van Ingen.

"Allowing us to share our research with the leaders of the athlete and social change movement as well as within the context of the 'Generation Ali' movement has been inspiring and motivating" noted Grygar.

Specific focus areas discussed the roles and responsibilities athletes have beyond the playing field, the ways athletes can serve as educators and advocates to address social problems within and outside of sports, how the global sporting community encourages or discourages athletes working in the realm of social change and the roles educational institutions play in providing grounding for athletes to make the connections between athletics, academics and the community.

"The educational program provided by the organizers and the Ali Center at this inaugural multi-disciplinary forum represents the pinnacle of leadership of the important 'athlete, sport and social change' movement throughout North America.” commented Dr. Cheri Bradish, Associate Professor in Sport Management, who also attended the conference with the students.

“Kudos to Abbi and Vicky for being accepted as part of this groundbreaking and exciting forum.  Their work was very well presented and received."

Muhammad Ali Athletes and Social Change Educational Forum, Brock University