Guernsey Market New Sustainability Initiative

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Guernsey Market New Sustainability Initiative

Published on March 12 2013

We work closely with our national distribution chain of partners to offer fresh, sustainable and locally grown products, while maintaining our quality and food safety standards. Brock Dining focuses on sustainable options in coffee, dairy,seafood, produce and meat/poultry. For example, our coffee blends include items that are shade-grown and Utz Kapeh certified, two highly sought after certifications in the sustainable market. With our seafood offerings,we ensure the environment is not destroyed for future generations.

We aim to reduce the amount of packaging and plastics we use by offering environment-friendly alternatives.For example, we offer steel utensils which are utilized in the cafeterias. The utensils help reduce the need for plastic alternatives and help reduce waste. Another example of reducing is with paper napkins. We provide napkin dispensers that extend one napkin at a time, which helps to reduce waste.


New Initiative

Our newest Initiative is at the Guernsey Market.  As we continue on our journey of operating Dining Services with a focus on fresh, local and sustainable offerings, we are returning to serving food items on dine-in plates wherever possible within the Guernsey Market.  Should you wish to receive a take-out container, please let your cashier know as you purchase your items and they will be happy to provide you with one.  Thanks for assisting us with this sustainability initiative.

Guernsey Market Initiative