Withdrawals and Withdrawal Fees

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Withdrawals and Withdrawal Fees

Students are financially responsible for all fees incurred by course registration. Discontinuing attendance at classes, notification to the instructor, or stopping payment on a cheque does not constitute official withdrawal from a course.
Course Drops
Students are free to add or drop courses through the online registration system without financial penalty (unless all courses are dropped-see below) while the system is open (see the appropriate registration guide for details). Dropped courses do not appear on the student transcript.
Students who drop all courses between the start of term date and the drop date will be charged a full drop fee calculated at $100 per credit dropped to a maximum of $500.  This also applies to students who may be granted back dated drops through the Registrar's office/Dean's office.
Course Withdrawals
After the posted drop date, students may submit a course withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar in order to discontinue registration in a course. Withdrawn courses appear on the student transcript, along with the date of withdrawal. The final date to withdraw from courses without academic penalty is posted in the appropriate registration guide.

Please note that the final date to withdraw without academic penalty IS NOT  the same as the final date to DROP without financial penalty.  All WITHDRAWALS have financial penalties.
Tuition Adjustments
All courses registered or withdrawn after the appropriate drop date count as attempts. Students who have attempted 4.0 or more are charged a flat fee for tuition, and are not entitled to a refund of fees for courses withdrawn. 

Students who have attempted fewer than 4.0 credits during a fall/winter session are charged per credit. If a per credit student withdraws from a course after the appropriate drop date, the applicable course tuition will be reversed, and a withdrawal charge, based upon the recorded date of withdrawal, will be applied.
Withdrawal Schedules by Session
Please note that withdrawal schedules are only applicable if your tuition is charged per credit (3.5 credits or less). If you are assessed based on the flat fee tuition structure (4.0 or more credits) your fees will not change due to a withdrawal. Contact the Finance Office if you have any questions concerning the financial implications of withdrawing from a course.
Complete Withdrawal
Students who withdraw from all courses after the appropriate drop date must contact the Student Accounts Finance Office to ensure the complete withdrawal is processed correctly.
To assist students and ensure all considerations have been made the Complete Withdrawal Checklist can be used as a guide.
Please contact the Student Accounts Finance Office for information on course durations other than those listed above.

Students 60 years of age or older who opt for a tuition waiver will incur withdrawal fees if withdrawing from a course.  Please refer to the withdrawal schedule to determine the applicable withdrawal fee. 

Students with a net credit on account after all pending changes have processed may request a refund cheque to be sent to the address on file. No refunds will be processed while changes are pending on a file, or during the add/drop period. In addition, no refunds are possible during any period that the registration system is closed to compile data for government reporting.
Please complete all fields on the online Refund Request form to obtain your refund cheque.
OSAP students, and students who have received scholarships, awards, or bursaries, should direct refund requests through the Student Awards and Financial Aid office, at http://www.brocku.ca/safa/contactus/how-to-request-a-refund . Changes in course load, and other factors, may affect student eligibility for OSAP, scholarship or bursary funding.


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Visit the Office of the Registrar's forms page to request a course add or withdrawal after the appropriate drop date, or to request a backdated withdrawal or retroactive course add.