Forms, Memos and Related Documents

Financial Services

Forms, Memos and Related Documents

2015-16 Q2 Forecast and Actuals

Change to Cheque Distribution Practice October 2013

The following are staff-oriented documents allowing faculty members quick and easy access to forms pertaining to financial reports and requests.  For information regarding which form to use, refer to 
Which Form Do I Use?

Cheque Requisition - Instructions for Cheque Requisition
Travel & Expense Report  - Instructions for Travel Expense Report
Alcohol Expense Reimbursement Protocol and Form
"What Am I Approving?" Approval Guidelines
Kilometer Charts for Travel Reimbursement
Travel Advance Request - Instructions for Travel Advance Request
Participant Payment Advance Request - Instructions for Participant Payment Advance Request
Wire Payment Documentation Form - Instructions for Wire Payment Documentation

Account Adjustment/Budget Transfer Form - Instructions for Account Adjustment/Budget Transfer
Bill Payment Inputting Form (Human Resources use only)

Cash Receipts:
Authorization to Invoice - Instructions for Authorization to Invoice
Departmental Deposit Form - Instructions for Departmental Deposit Form

Purchasing Card Register - Instructions for Purchasing Card Register Form

Petty Cash/Cash Float:
Petty Cash Audit Memo (February 2013)

Petty Cash Procedures
Petty Cash Request Form - Instructions for Petty Cash Request Form
Petty Cash Reimbursement Form - Instructions for Petty Cash Reimbursement Form
Petty Cash Voucher - Instructions for Petty Cash Voucher
Petty Cash/Cash Float Confirmation Form - to submit to Financial Services for Year End

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