Office of the Associate Vice President, Finance

Financial Services

Office of the Associate Vice President, Finance

Bryan Boles, CPA, CA (x.3288)

Associate Vice-President
As a Senior Administrator, responsible for the overall direction and management of the multi-functional customer-service focused Financial and Administrative Services Department. Responsible for the efficient control of all financial activities of the University including budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, institutional analysis, treasury functions, audits and reporting to the Board of Trustees as well as provincial and federal governments.
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Karen Roberts (x.4931)
Finance Administrative Assistant
Responsible for the administrative support of the Associate Vice-President, Controller & Manager of Finance, Manager of Treasury, Systems Administrator and Budget Administrator specifically as well as the overall administrative needs of the Finance Office.

Joshua Tonnos, MBA (x.6133)
Manager of Treasury
The Manager of Treasury is responsible for maximizing investment return opportunities in all investment activities and minimizing debt costs on financing requirements through the reporting, monitoring, and investment oversight of the university's investments, endowment fund, internal and external debt financing arrangements and sinking funds. The Manager of Treasury will have oversight over operating cash, endowment fund, capital fund, and debt obligations, as well providing investment guidance for the university's pension funds.

Edward Wall, CPA, CA (x.3805)
Manager of Financial Planning

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Cynthia Dawson, CPA, CA (x. 5900)
Manager of Budget Reporting

Chuck MacLean, B.B.E., C.P.P. (x.3746)
Manager Purchasing Services
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