Admission and Fees - Undergraduate

Co-op Programs

Admission and Fees - Undergraduate


Ontario Secondary School Students

To be considered for admission to Brock's Co-operative Education program, you must first apply to the University through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC). When completing the form, be sure to check the section marked ‘Co-operative Education' as opposed to the regular degree program.

Admission to a co-op program at Brock requires a minimum average of 80% in 12 university level courses. Please note that meeting the minimum average does not guarantee admission. Applicants not accepted to a co-op program will automatically be considered for admission to the comparable regular degree program.

Year 1 Admissions - Application Form

Application deadline: June 1st.

If you are a Brock student who is enrolled in a full-time non-co-op program, you may apply for admission to co-op following completion of your first year (in May of Year 1). Admission to co-op from Year 1 is competitive and subject to the following conditions:

  • You must have a minimum major average of 70% and a minimum non-major average of 60%. However meeting these minimums does not guarantee admission as spaces will be filled by applicants with the highest averages first
  • You must be a full time student
  • You must be legally able to work in Canada
  • You are required to submit a resume to support your request. A personal interview may also be required
  • Students with more than 5 university academic credits will not be considered for the program under this application

Factors that may influence admission decisions: 

  • The number of co-op positions that  may become available as the result of other students withdrawing or being removed from co-op 
  • The number of positions that the co-op office anticipates will be available for co-op students from the particular degree program
  • Assessment of candidate suitability  (an interview may be conducted in order to determine your suitability for co-op). 


Fee Information 

As with all co-op programs in Canada, Brock has established fees which are comparable to other post-secondary institutions offering co-op education. All co-op students pay an administrative fee in addition to regular tuition. This fee helps the University to recover a portion of the cost of maintaining and promoting co-op programs. Administrative costs include salaries, travel expenses, telephone charges and the printing and mailing of résumés and promotional materials. Brock does not receive any government assistance to operate co-op.



Undergraduate Fees


To ease payments for you and your family, installments have been divided to coincide with certain co-op activities. Please see Schedule of Fees for detailed information. Fees are subject to change.

Please note, undergraduate co-op students are required to complete a minimum of three 4-month co-op work terms in order to graduate with the co-op degree. Additional work terms may be applicable to you and the work term fees charged will be according to the rates that are in effect at the time the work term takes place


Graduate Fees

Please see Schedule of Fees for detailed information. Fees are subject to change.