Evening Social Events

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Evening Social Events

This well-supervised dance allows students, teachers, and instructors to get together socially and have some fun with new and classic tunes! Games will also be planned during the dance to maximize participation! (Mondays & Wednesdays) (Maximum 200 students)

Select one of our popular movies or bring your own! This option allows your students to unwind after a long day of programming. Sit back, snack on some popcorn and enjoy the show! (Maximum 60 students)

Join our staff for skits, songs and stories as the campfire program will bring your students through an experience to remember. The fire, like the program, starts small, builds to a bright excitement, and then tapers off to glowing embers. (Maximum 60 students)


Swimming takes place in Brock’s Olympic-sized pool which has 3 diving boards of different heights, and a Tarzan rope to soar above your friends. The swimming pool is monitored by lifeguards that work to ensure the safety of all. (Tuesdays & Thursdays) 

Structured gym time is an opportunity for students to experience Brock’s recreation facilities by participating in moderately competitive sports and activities. Values such as teamwork, leadership and health are promoted.
(Tuesdays & Thursdays, Maximum 100 students)

Give your students an opportunity to experience one of our many computer labs on campus. Students can play games together, write letters home to parents or update their status! Instructors will work with teachers to establish what students can do during this time. (Maximum 45 students)

Note: Evening social events may be paired with other school groups on campus


There are no events at this time.

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