Overnight camp registration

Overnight camp registration

Section 1: Contact information

Please tell us about your school and how best to communicate with you.

Section 2: Booking information

Please tell us about the type of program for your school and who will be attending.

Mini camps only available in May

Include all adults

Cancellation policy:

Purchasing cancellation insurance ensures that parents are reimbursed their full, unused fees, which
have been paid to Brock University if their child becomes sick or is unable to attend the trip for any other

Please review our cancellation policy here

I would like to opt-out of purchasing cancellation insurance

Chaperone pricing:

We allow 1 chaperone to attend free for every 11 paying students. This number is based on students that are registered and have fully paid to attend camp 20 days prior to your arrival date. Please note that if your student numbers fluctuate any time before the start of camp, your free chaperone allowance will also fluctuate. If you choose to or are required to bring more chaperones than the 1:11 allowance, each additional chaperone will be required to pay $150 to cover their meal & accommodation costs (or $75 for a mini-camp).

I have read and understand the chaperone pricing.

Section 3: Special needs

Please tell us about the types of accommodations we can make to provide the best experience possible for all students.

How many students require an epi-pen related to food allergens?

Students who have a life threatening allergy will be required to submit a Dietary Requirements form to help us prepare prior to their arrival. These forms are due on April 1st, 2014. Youth University will contact the family of students with life-threatening food allergies.

We have a participant with mobility issues, who would benefit from the use of an elevator in their accommodations.

If yes, please describe how we can accommodate their physical or mobility needs.

Please provide further details we should know about your group, or members of the group:

What benefits do you hope your students will take away from this trip?

Section 4: Packages

Customize your camp experience! Each evening we offer your students an opportunity to unwind and experience Brock University facilities or the Niagara Region. Please choose one event for each evening.

On-campus evening program selections
Niagara Falls upgrade evening program selections

All events requiring service providers include an additional fee


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