Post Secondary Bound

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Post Secondary Bound

Immerse students in the culture of post-secondary education and help them to realize that each path to post-secondary education is unique.  This program aims to help students to identify interests and passions through modules that help them explore the contributions they would like to make to their world.  We aim to help students realize that PSE is an option for everyone!

This program includes:

  • A hands-on experience in post-secondary facilities, school subjects, and skills.
  • The opportunity for youth to make a connection between multiple intelligence, passions and careers.
  • Students learn how to plan for their future; financially and through individual pathways


Modules include:

  • Who am I? (assessments, resume building, etc.)
  • What do I care about? (Connecting jobs to causes and purposes)
  • Careers, occupations, roles
  • Financial literacy
  • Post-secondary (learn about different types of post-secondary and how they connect)
  • Making connections (connecting all components, helping to establish path)



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