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Our Fulltime Staff

Kate Cassidy, Ph.D.

Director of Community Learning (Youth University & Continuing Education)

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Michelle Leone, M.A.

Program Manager - Residential Programs


Michelle Leone is the Program Manager - Residential Program Manager for Youth University. Michelle completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Brock University in Leisure Studies. She has worked and volunteered for numerous organizations serving the youth of Niagara and the greater community over the last eight years. Her experience includes summer camp, outdoor education and working with children with special needs. Outside of work, Michelle can be found reading, traveling, spending time outdoors with family and friends and her dog Jasper.

Greg Zwiep

Program Manager - Outreach, One day Programs

Greg Zwiep is the Program Manager – Outreach, One Day Programs for Youth University. Greg graduated from Niagara College in the spring of 2006 with a concentration in Community and Social Justice Services. Greg later completed his bachelor degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies with a minor in psychology at Brock University. He has previously worked and volunteered with several agencies in the Niagara Region within the community and social services. His experience includes working with at risk youth, municipal recreation and within a camp context. Outside of work Greg enjoys spending time with family, playing golf, farming and travelling.

Devin Bright, OCT

Program Manager - Enrichment Programs

Devin Bright is the Program Manager – Enrichment Programs for Youth University. Devin graduated from Brock University’s concurrent education program in 2013 with a double minor in music and geography. He is working toward completion of a Masters of Education, also at Brock. Devin has volunteered for various youth programs throughout the Niagara region. His experience includes educational technology and curriculum design. Outside of work Devin enjoys camping, biking and video games.

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