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Summer Camp Testimonials
Staff Quotes

“Working for Youth University helped me to grow in many ways, such as building confidence and leadership qualities. “ – Kathleen White

“Youth University helped me to establish a leadership foundation to be able to take on new challenges, such as being a director of a camp.” – Kathleen White

“I learned a lot about working with children, and about myself, and it reinforced my decision to pursue a career in teaching.” – Carolyn Murphy

“One of the best parts of Youth University is being able to gain hands on experience within the field of work related to your schooling.” – Justin Davidson

“Over the summer I have learned that facing problems head on is the only way to deal with them.” – Katherine Gottli

“The smiles and laughter you receive while working at camp make for one of the most rewarding jobs a person could ever have” – Katherine Gottli

“My confidence in myself as a teacher has increased since the beginning of the summer” – Allison Vaicius

“This job has helped me prepare for a future career with children.” – Allison Vaicius

“ I have learned how to adapt my teaching to accommodate a group of students with varying needs” – Allison Vaicius

“Working at Youth University has given me a framework from which I can understand university courses at a higher level.” – Jennifer Sjaarda

“Working at Youth University has opened a career door by giving me experience in the teaching field that would otherwise be unattainable. … When I graduate I will have experience which I feel is an essential quality in the current job market.” – Jennifer Sjaarda

Youth University Quotes
Spring Residential Program Evaluations

“Youth University’s counselors were enthusiastic, responsible and knowledgeable”
- Halton District School Board –

“Youth University has outstanding staff, from the leaders to the support staff!”
- Halton District School Board –

“Youth University provides a learning experience outside the classroom”
- Grand Erie District School Board – Leanne Collins – June 12th – 14th

“Youth University incorporated leisure, fun and games into each of the modules which allowed the kids to realize that science can also be fun”
- Sir Richard W. Scott –

“Excellent education opportunity outside of classroom, See students in a different light, great end-of-year celebration”
- M. Dibson and Staff, Upper Grand District school board –

“It is a worthwhile program as it allows for esteem building. I found that it allows the quiet and shy student to excel. Overall there are not enough programs in our curriculum that allows for outdoor activities (this is the reason why we chose this program - student need to be outdoors more to be active)”
- Tina Sinopoli –

“All of the staff at Youth University are wonderful, they all brought something unique to the program, excellent role models and they related well to the students”.
- Shelli Prite , Simcoe County DSB –

“Students got a chance to develop independence, cooperative/team building skills and do hands on activities”
- Sylvia Denton, Toronto District –

“You have an amazing staff! They were patient and outgoing and made the kids feel comfortable and safe!”
- Agnew , Thames Valley –

“I am always impressed with the leaders, the organization, enthusiasm and structure of the camp”
- Jason Stanat –

“Excellent programming, good recommendations, well organized/good accommodations”
- Mike Ilianni, YCDSB –

“It was an excellent experience, children gained self confidence, acceptance from their peers, a good grasp of group skills and team works”


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