2005-2006 Graduate Calendar

For inquiries: Telephone: 905-688-5550, extension 4830/5040 E-mail: gradinfo@brocku.ca http://www.brocku.ca/gradstudies All prospective students are encouraged to apply and will be considered on the basis of evidence of probable success in their chosen program. Enrolment has been limited in order that our students may continue to benefit from the University's traditions of personal contact and individual attention. Applicants must be formally admitted to the University before they can register in degree credit courses. The regulations for admission specify minimum requirements only. Possession of the minimum entrance requirement is not a guarantee of admission. The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate. Assessment of academic background and eligibility for admission to graduate programs is the responsibility of the specific graduate program which will make recommendations for acceptance of applicants to the Office of Graduate Studies.  
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Brock has had and will continue to have, a racially non-discriminatory policy and therefore does not discriminate against applicants and students on the basis of race, colour or national or ethnic origin. Such a non-discriminatory policy applies to staff and extends to non-discrimination on grounds of creed or sex. It is the policy of Brock University that all students must therefore sign a declaration on their application for admission and on their confirmation of registration attesting to their citizenship. Each student should be aware that documentation of citizenship may be required and that a penalty for a false statement is deregistration. In addition, any changes in status, e.g., from visa student to permanent resident or Canadian citizen, requires proof of the new status with appropriate document(s).  
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The Office of Graduate Studies recommends that all applicants review the program literature of the graduate program they are interested in through the program calendar entry, the program website, and by contacting the Graduate Officer, faculty members, or Office of Graduate Studies for additional information. It is particularly important for those students applying to research graduate programs that they familiarize themselves with the research profiles/interests of the program faculty members and that they make initial contact with a potential graduate supervisor.  
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Application for admission should be made as early as possible. Potential students should refer to the Application Deadline Chart found at: http://www.brocku.ca/gradstudies/applications /ApplicationDeadlineChart.pdf to determine the application deadline for the program to which they wish to apply. As of August 2005 all applications to the graduate programs at Brock University will be made via our new Graduate Web application. Application instructions and the link to the Graduate Web Application will be found at: http://www.brocku.ca/gradstudies/admissions/ Only a complete application package will be forwarded to the program for consideration. All documents become the property of the University and will not be returned. The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure that all documents are submitted by the deadline date as indicated on the Application Deadline Chart.  
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Applications for admission from outside of Canada should be completed at least six months before the desired date of admission in order for students to make the necessary visa arrangements. In addition to the information outlined above for domestic applicants, international applicants must also submit proof of English Language Proficiency. (See Proof of Proficiency in English for a list of exempt countries.) Original or certified true copies of all English Language Proficiency test results undertaken to date must be submitted.  
Reinstatement of students who withdrew or were required to withdraw Go to top of document
Students who have previously been accepted to and registered in a graduate program at Brock University but voluntarily withdrew or were required to withdraw may apply for reinstatement to their graduate program by completing the Request for Reinstatement Form found at: http://www.brocku.ca/gradstudies/forms/. The Request for Reinstatement Form will be forwarded to the graduate program for consideration and the student will be informed of the program's decision. The Request for Reinstatement must be accompanied by a $75.00 fee.  
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Candidates for a master's program require an Honours Bachelor's degree or its equivalent with a minimum overall grade point average of B (second class) from an accredited institution. Some graduate programs may have additional or higher admission requirements. Check the specific admission requirements for the graduate program to which you wish to apply. See Graduate Program Admission Information found below. Candidates who do not meet the admission requirements may be admitted to a qualifying year of study. At the successful completion of the qualifying year, students may be considered for admission into the master's program.  
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To be admitted to a PhD program, a student should hold either an appropriate Master's degree or, students with an Honours Bachelor's degree already registered in a Master's program, may convert to PhD studies in year 2 of some of the doctoral programs. Students will normally be expected to have attained an 80% average and have achieved significant research progress as determined by their supervisory committee. Please see the specific program calendar entries for further information.  
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Graduate applicants should verify both the university and graduate program admission requirements for the program to which they wish to apply. Graduate program admission requirements may be different from and exceed the minimum university admission requirements. Refer to the specific graduate program calendar entry found at http://www.brocku.ca/gradstudies/programsunder Program Details and the graduate program website found at: http://www.brocku.ca/gradstudies/programsunder Home Page for specific graduate program admission information and criteria. *Admission is not guaranteed by the attainment of the minimum of either university or graduate program admission requirements. Admission is a competitive process.  
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International applicants who are considering graduate studies at Brock should not leave for Canada until they have received an official offer of admission into a graduate program from the Office of Graduate Studies. Applicants should have their status cleared with the appropriate immigration authorities and ensure that they have in their possession a Student Authorization Form issued by Canada Immigration. Because of the time required to complete the immigration formalities and obtain the necessary documentation, applicants are advised that it may take several months from the time of admission to the receipt of a student visa. For additional information see: http://www.brocku.ca/internationalor http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/study.  
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Applicants whose first language is not English, and who have not successfully completed an undergraduate or graduate degree from a designated* English-speaking country must provide evidence of proficiency in English as demonstrated through one of the following (* Designated countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States of America and the English-speaking countries of the Caribbean):
- Successful completion of Level 5 of the Brock Intensive English Language Program; or
- Submission of official test results obtained during the last calendar year for one of the following standardized English Language Proficiency tests:
- A minimum score of 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a TOEFL CBT score of 213, and a TWE score of 4.5; or
- A minimum score of 6.5 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), with no section under 6.0; or
- A minimum score of 530 on the International Test of English Language Proficiency (ITELP); or
- Achievement of an overall Band Score of 60, with 60 in writing, and no other under 50 on the Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL); or
- An average of at least 4.5 with no band score lower than 4.0 on the CanTest (Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees).
Students admitted on the basis of an English Language Proficiency test score are required to take the Brock University International Test of English Language Proficiency (ITELP) upon arrival at the university as a condition of admission (Cost of test $50.00). Depending on the result, applicants may be required to complete English language courses (e.g. APLS 1P80, 1P81, 1P90, 1P91or Intensive English Upgrading Program for Graduate Students) along with their graduate program. Test results and recommendations will be forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies and the student's graduate supervisor. The goal is to ensure the success of our international students. An applicant requesting a waiver of the English Language Proficiency Test submission requirements should do so in writing, providing verification from the university at which they completed their most recent degree (undergraduate or graduate) that the language of instruction for that degree program was English. It should be noted that, in order to maintain a high academic standard, very few waivers are granted. Therefore, it is recommended that all applicants for whom English is not their first language submit an English Language Proficiency Test result with their application. In all cases of requests for a waiver, the Office of Graduate Studies in consultation with the graduate program will make the final determination.
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Assessment of academic background and eligibility for admission to graduate programs is the responsibility of the Office of Graduate Studies and the specific graduate program. Each graduate program will make recommendations for the acceptance of applicants to the Office of Graduate Studies. The official letter of acceptance will be issued by the Dean of Graduate Studies or his/her designate. Students not recommended for admission to the applied graduate program will also be notified. Applicants who are offered admission pending receipt of final transcripts must submit official final transcripts to the Office of Graduate Studies before registration in the graduate program is approved. Some offers of admission may be made with specific conditions attached. The University may nullify an offer of admission and revoke registration if it finds that an applicant has in the application process provided false or incomplete information. All students admitted to a funded (non-professional) graduate program will as part of their admission package receive a Graduate Student Financial Support Information Form that outlines the graduate funding package they will receive in year 1 of their graduate program. Additional years of funding will be confirmed prior to each anniversary of the student's start date. The maximum funding duration for the various graduate programs is outlined at: http://www.brocku.ca/gradstudies Graduate fee information can be found at: http://www.brocku.ca/gradstudies and in the Graduate Calendar, Schedule of Fees. Students must confirm their acceptance of an offer of admission in writing by mail, fax or email within the time period specified in their offer of admission.  
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Students admitted to Graduate studies may be granted transfer credit only at the time of admission to a maximum of one credit (or equivalent) for graduate courses completed at another university that are approved by the graduate program. Only graduate courses completed with a grade of B+ or higher within the last five years will be considered. The request for transfer credit must be made at the time of application. Credit will not be granted for courses that have been credited toward another degree or diploma at Brock or another university. Candidates must submit official transcripts, course descriptions and other supporting documentation before consideration will be given to granting transfer credit.  
Advanced Standing Go to top of document
The MBA program will automatically assess a student's transcripts for completed undergraduate credits that would be considered to be equivalent to those normally completed in the first year of the MBA. Subject to the student's performance in the undergraduate courses, up to a maximum of five credits (ten half-credit courses) may be granted as advanced standing credits.  
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