A Word From Our Chairs

A Word From Our Chairs



Curtis Gadula, Staff Co-Chair

I’m a firm believer that the hand is stronger when all the fingers come together to make a fist. It’s one of those old tidbits of wisdom I heard again and again from so many of my coaches during my days of athletics. (Fortunately for me, I’ve always been blessed with remarkable coaches)
Since I’ve arrived at Brock, I’ve been blown away by the people on campus that embody that same spirit of teamwork, support, communication and transparency. And what has impressed me even more, is the willingness of so many I see, whether it’s on campus or in the community, to give of themselves in one fashion or another. This willingness, almost an innate desire to “give back” is what leaves me most proud when I speak to friends or family about how lucky I am to work at Brock.  
We’re all part of Brock’s small army of employees that do so much in so many ways that truly impacts lives, but it’s the collective efforts that support The United Way that leaves me most proud about this spirit of giving back.  
This year we’re challenging ourselves to find a way to best capitalize on this culture I’m honoured to be a part of.  Not only focusing on a monetary goal for fundraising efforts, but also expanding our field of vision to capture exactly what percentage of OUR Brock community helps us have the most impact possible with the United Way efforts.
Impacting lives. I feel it’s a privilege I have while working here at Brock. I’m grateful and excited so many I work with feel the same.

Curtis Gadula
Manager, Off Campus Living & Neighbourhood Relations


Diana Panter, Staff Co-Chair

I became acquainted with the Brock University workplace campaign for the United Way shortly after arriving on campus. The dedication of the United Way to the people of Niagara inspired and compelled me to become involved.

It’s through this involvement that I learned just how invaluable the United Way’s services are. These services take many forms, including support for children, seniors or people with disabilities, emergency food assistance, transportation to medical appointments, as well as access to recreational programs for youth. They are desperately needed for those who have lost their jobs, are experiencing financial hardship and, in some cases, struggle with an illness. The United Way assists those who need it the most.  

This year, the Brock United Way committee will run our biggest campaign ever. I challenge you to support this worthwhile cause, to show you care about your community. Consider making a donation today, regardless of size, to help us reach our goal. If you’re unable to donate, consider volunteering. Your support will improve life for Niagara’s citizens and demonstrate Brock’s commitment to our community.


Diana Panter
Communications & Events Coordinator, Office of the Registrar



Mike Plyley, Faculty Co-Chair

Coming from rural southwestern Ontario, I was brought up with a strong sense of community, that folks helped each other on a regular basis, and everyone stood up to be counted in times of need. I still remember with fondness the “threshing parties” on my Grandfather’s farm where everyone on the road arrived on a specific day to harvest the wheat, doors were taken off hinges and set on saw horses to act as tables, and the community worked and ate together, and then moved on to another farm the next day. The sense of community and spirit was readily apparent and has remained with me to this day.
My sense is that the United Way is an entity that has the same sense of community, helping each individual when they need it, and in a way that brings individuals together to support one another. The breath of support through the United Way touches every segment of our society, and in ways that often go unseen, but none-the-less, make all the difference. The United Way provides financial support to a large number of our social agencies, organizes programs and services for young and old, folks in need of both long term and short term help, and overall provides that sense of community spirit today.
I’m pleased to be part of the Brock United Way team, and to help in increasing Brock’s support of the efforts of the United Way. As one of the largest employers of the Region, and given our roles as educators, mentors, and leaders of the Region, it seems right that we also provide leadership in helping others in the area who are less fortunate than we have been. I ask each and every one at Brock, as you go about your daily business in the cities, towns and villages of the area in which we live, to get a feel for those who need support, a sense of what you might be able to do to help, and to give what you can to make our community better.
Mike Plyley
Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies 


Lucie Thibault, Faculty Co-Chair

I am honoured to be involved in Brock University’s 2013-14 United Way Campaign. I have been a long-time supporter of the United Way and the valuable work they do in our community. The financial support they provide to various social agencies, services, and programs for children and youth, people with disabilities, families, seniors, people living in poverty, victims of violence, and people requiring emergency services (to name a few) make a significant contribution to the overall health and well-being of our community. Brock University plays a central role in the Niagara region and our collective involvement in supporting the campaign is important. Please join me in supporting Brock University’s 2013-14 United Way Campaign!


Lucie Thibault
Professor, Sport Management



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