The community investment process

The community investment process

Funds raised through United Way are distributed through a rigorous review process to ensure that investments are responsive to community needs and produce measurable results:

  1. United Way hosts consultations with donors and community members to find out where it can create the greatest impact. This determines funding priorities.
  2. Community volunteers review applications, meet with agencies to learn more about their proposed programs. They look at factors such as historical performance, board strength, program outcomes and overall agency capacity.
  3. After hearing all requests, the Community Investment Panel determines how available funds should be allocated and proposed recommendations to United Way’s Board of Directors.
  4. Following approval from the Board of Directors, the funds are distributed to community agencies for a three-year term, which provides stable funding.
  5. United Way follows up with agencies annually to ensure promised outcomes are being met.


Learn more about the community investment process on United Way's website

United Way's Community Investment Panel

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