Water bottle refill stations

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Water bottle refill stations

Brock University's students’ union and administration have partnered on an initiative that will keep hundreds of thousands of plastic water bottles out of landfills.

In 2013, nine new water bottle filling stations were purchased and installed across the University. These new stations draw from the school’s municipal water source and use basic filters like the ones already being used in water fountains around campus. Depending on use, filters in these new units are changed approximately twice a year.

The new filling stations feature a “green ticker” that tracks usage and displays the number of bottles saved.

"49,807 and counting: Brock initiative helps reduce plastic water bottle waste" - The Brock News

How do I use the water bottle filling station?

It's as easy as investing in a reusable water bottle and filling it at any of the 21 water bottle refill stations on campus, found on the Interactive Campus Map by checking off "Water Bottle Refill Stations".

Water bottle refill station

There are 21 water bottle refilling stations on our campus