Brock Cares: Community Partner Registration

Student Community Outreach

Hello Community Partners!

Thank you for your interest in Brock Cares!

Student Life & Community Experience would like to partner with you on an upcoming opportunity in September: Brock Cares Day of Service where Brock students, faculty, staff and alumni will spend a day at your site assisting with any projects you have on the go from painting rooms and sorting items, to developing programs or creating a cookbook! If you have a project that requires volunteers that you think may be fitting for the Brock Cares Day of Service, please fill out the registration form below.

Please note that all applications will be considered based on best fit for the volunteers.

All project sites considered will be visited prior to selection in order to ensure that all health and safety requirements are met, and to ensure we properly prepare volunteers for their experience at your site. We want to ensure a safe, meaningful and productive day for all involved!

If you have any questions please contact Taylor at or 905-688-5550, ext. 6321.

Brock Cares: Community Partner Registration

Additional Information
In closing...

We encourage you to think outside the box as well! Not only are we able to donate our time, but we are able to donate our talents as many of our volunteers are trained in education, programming, academic areas of study and have creative gifts to put to use! Please contact Taylor at if you would like to discuss any potential opportunities or ideas you may have for group volunteering.

Thank you for your consideration. The Brock University Student Life and Community Experience department looks forward to the opportunity of working with your organization in the future!