Learner. Teacher. Tourist. YOU.

Department of Tourism Management
(formerly Tourism and Environment)

Learner. Teacher. Tourist. YOU.

Come to Brock and see the world.

With a campus located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in a region that is one of the world's premier tourism destinations, our program offers plenty of exceptional learning opportunities right in our own spectacular back yard. But as wonderful as these domestic opportunities may be, we're also strong believers in the importance of an international perspective, and have designed a number of international learning opportunities right into our degree program.

TREN has formal program linkages with university programs in New Zealand, Croatia, Thailand and Hong Kong, and many other opportunities for study in nations worldwide through Brock's many international exchange programs.

Study abroad - from a few days to a full year

TREN tries to offer all students the opportunity to participate in international study experiences. These can take the form of a ten-day trip spent sailing up the coast of Croatia; a one term program spent in Florida, taking University courses and working for Disney; a three-month group Term Abroad with a Brock faculty member in a country such as New Zealand or Thailand; or a one or two-term individual exchange with a university in a country such as the UK, Australia or New Zealand.

Short-duration International Field Courses

For those who prefer a shorter but equally intensive international study opportunity, our department offers a number of international field courses at destinations around the world. Ranging from one to three weeks in duration, these courses offer a concentrated and affordable international field experience in the company of a Brock instructor. Since 2007, program destinations have included Croatia, Thailand and Hong Kong. Check with the Department to determine this year's destination.

Brock University International Student Exchange Programs

Students in good academic standing are also encouraged to consider studying abroad for a term or a year with one of Brock's many international exchange partners.  The Office of International Services can assist all academically qualified Brock students to locate a university exchange partner abroad and set up a custom program of studies which will complement your degree program at Brock. Most students go on exchange in their third year. Note that you must plan in advance - applications for exchange are usually solicited when you are in your second year of study at Brock. Contact the Office of International Services for further details.