Department of Tourism Management
(formerly Tourism and Environment)


Thank you for your interest in our department.

Here on our website you'll find information about our program, the people involved, and the courses you may take.  We offer a unique and innovative program, designed to prepare our students for a wide range of interesting and varied careers.

The Department was formed with the objective of developing graduates who are dynamic, progressive, and forward-looking, with the knowledge and skills to move tourism onto the path of sustainability.

We have six faculty members with expertise and research interests in different sectors of tourism, environment, and sustainability. You will have the opportunity to learn with professors who are both specialists in our own fields and skilled interdisciplinarians used to working across traditional academic boundaries. The result is an interesting, challenging, and eclectic mix of relevant research that advances theory and practice, informs our teaching, and allows our students to explore their interests in a creative and meaningful way. Have a look at the faculty profiles and the undergraduate thesis topics on this website to see the exciting projects that we are involved in.

We see every student as an individual. It is our responsibility and privilege to help you reach your full potential, within a collaborative academic environment which gives you the support you need to navigate the program and to plan your academic career.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

David J. Telfer
Interim Chair, Department of Tourism Management
Brock University
Office: MC C-415
Tel. +1-905-688-5550 x.4100

Dr. David J. Telfer
Dr. David J. Telfer is the Interim Chair of the unit.


Meet professors, academic
advisors, and fellow first-year students at your department orientation
on September 8, 2015.