Students and Alumni

MA in Critical Sociology

Students and Alumni


Liz Smith (Second year cohort)
"My research explores the experiences, ideologies and strategies of Niagara animal activists within the context of animals used for entertainment purposes at Marineland in Niagara Falls, ON. I was the recipient of the Jack Hallam Animal Rights Award during my BA, and recently I received a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grant to aid me in the completion of my MA."

Anson Nater (Second year cohort)
"My MA thesis focuses on enlisted American soldiers who refused to participate in or be deployed to the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations. The ethnographic research I am conducting investigates how war is waged and sold, in order to create dialogue about military abstention and its place within the military."

Kelsey Ioannoni (Second year cohort)
"My research highlights the role played by sex workers affiliated with Maggie’s Toronto Sex Worker Action Project in the fight for legal changes to prostitution related charges in the Criminal Code of Canada."

Stephen Soucie (Second year cohort)
"My thesis project focuses on the relationship between constructions of dominant masculinities and violence against women in Canadian society."


Doug Billyard (Graduated in 2013)
"MACS is valuable to any student who wants to explore and push the boundaries of social thought. It was a fascinating and worthwhile experience."

Steve Romanin (Graduated in 2013)
"Brock is one of the few schools that offers a concentrated, focused Sociology program - an important consideration for someone who is considering pursuing a PhD. The skills I cultivated during my time in the MACS program have helped me succeed at essentially everything I have put my effort into since."

Gökbörü Tanyildiz (Graduated in 2013)
"Owing to the education and care I received in MACS, I was accepted to many highly competitive PhD programs in several social science fields at Canadian universities."

Alumni Success Stories
Since the inception of our program in 2009, about a quarter of graduates have moved on to pursue a PhD in Sociology. Several others continued their postsecondary education in other professional degree programs. A couple have jobs related to research, one as a research administrator in a community college and the other as a researcher for a community organization. Others work within the legal system, as bail counselors and legal assistants, or have pursued private and non-profit sector careers, such as a food justice program assistant. Many continue their volunteer work, including as members of Boards of Directors, with community organizations such as the Elizabeth Frye and John Howard Society.