Course Offerings

MA in Critical Sociology

Course Offerings

Course Descriptions
Note: SOCI 5P01, 5P02, 5N00 and three elective courses are offered each year. Students should consult with the Graduate Program Director regarding course offerings and course selection and must have their course selections approved by the Graduate Program Director each term. Refer to the Timetable for scheduling information:

SOCI 5N00    Graduate Workshop (offered each year)
A non-credit graduate workshop that focuses on issues in graduate studies and critical sociological research students encounter while developing their programs of study and preparing their proposals, research papers and theses. Note: Completion of the workshop is required for successful completion of the MA program.

SOCI 5F90    Thesis (offered each year)
An in-depth research project involving the preparation and public defense of a thesis that demonstrates the capacity for independent work and original research or thought.

SOCI 5F91    Major Research Paper (offered each year)

A major research paper that demonstrates the capacity for independent work and original research or thought.

SOCI 5P01    Critical Social Theories (offered each year)

A survey of key historical and contemporary theoretical themes in critical Sociology.

SOCI 5P02    Critical Social Research Design and Methods (offered each year)

An exploration of the methodological and epistemological foundations of major traditions of sociological inquiry, techniques of data collection, and case studies of critical sociological research in each tradition.

Elective Courses

SOCI 5P10    Intermediate Statistics for Sociologists
An intermediate quantitative data analysis course that emphasizes a critical understanding and application of several major cross-sectional multivariate statistical techniques used to address sociological research questions.

SOCI 5P20    Globalization, Inequality and Social Change 
Sociological perspectives on economic, social, cultural and political processes of globalization; global social inequalities; the historical antecedents of globalization; and global social movements.

SOCI 5P30    Engaging Criminology in the 21st Century
Critical examination of contemporary and historical issues and theory in criminology. Topics may include advanced criminological theories, heterodoxies, controversies and contemporary issues in criminology, criminal justice and sociology of law.

SOCI 5P40    Animals and Human Societies 
Sociological perspectives on animal-human interactions, possibly including animal-human bonds and boundaries; the nature of animal rights; ethical treatment of animals; animals and the law; representations of animals; and cultural meanings of animals.

SOCI 5P50    Critical Sociologies of Gender and Sexuality 
Current sociological perspectives on femininity, masculinity and sexuality as organizing principles of society at local, national and global scales that articulate with other social inequalities to shape principal social identities and institutions.

SOCI 5P60    Critical Perspectives on Race and Racism
Current sociological perspectives on the social inequalities associated with issues of race, racism, ethnicity and anti-racism; the articulation of race with other forms of social inequality at the local, national and global level; and anti-racist struggles for social justice.

SOCI 5P70    Critical Sociological Studies in Education
Current issues in the sociology of education in Canada and globally, such as access, representation, experience and careers of students, teachers and faculty; student cultures; student supervision; efforts to alter pedagogy and curriculum; and implications of globalization for educational practice.

SOCI 5P80    Problems and Possibilities in Economic Life
Perspectives drawn from economic sociology, political economy and other interdisciplinary disciplines on the relationship between economic structure and social organization and inequalities; alternative ways of organizing material life and social life; and democratic socialist planning.

SOCI 5P90    Environment in Social Context
Current sociological perspectives on the relationship between environment and human societies. Topics may include environment inequalities and social justice struggles, sustainability, biodiversity, consumerism, and environmental management.

SOCI 5P95     Directed Study
Specialized study on an individual basis under the direction of a faculty supervisor.

SOCI 5V80-5V89    Selected Topics in Critical Sociology
A topic in critical sociology that will vary by instructor.