MA in Critical Sociology Videos

MA in Critical Sociology

MA in Critical Sociology Videos

 Welcome to the Master of Arts in Critical Sociology. Our program is an innovative way to explore the world around you! 

Critical sociology studies social problems and the possibilities for progressive social change. The MA in Critical Sociology focuses on critical perspectives in sociological analysis, in particular, the dramatic evidence of global and local conflict, inequality, and challenge that characterize much of the modern era.

The purpose of the program is to inform MA students of the latest developments in these intellectual discourses and to prepare them to advance theoretical analyses, methodological approaches, social research projects, and social policy initiatives.

If any of these areas interest you, we'd love to hear from you. Watch our videos below for more information on our program.







Dr. Nancy Cook, Graduate Program Director, Critical Sociology and Associate Professor of Sociology talks about our Critical Sociology program



Afsana Tabibi talks about our MA Program in Critical Sociology at Brock University.

Matt LaMaire talks about why he chose the MA in Critical Sociology at Brock