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 FAQ's for 2014 - 2015 Academic Year:

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Ans. Book advising with Viola Bartel by following the links: – password – click ‘appointments’ top left on your screen – department/sociology - adviser/Viola - date/time – save/go
If you are unable to book an appointment, e-mail Viola with your student number:
Ans. There are two reasons for de-registrations: no prerequisite and lack of payment.
When registering, click on the course link to view the course description and the prerequisite. Only register if you will have the prerequisite by the time the course begins. If you do not have the prerequisite for a course, you will NOT be overridden into it.  
Ans. a) Overrides are granted only for courses/seminars that have not filled to capacity, and to students who hold the prerequisites to courses. To avoid being automatically deregistered, only register for a course if you will have the completed the prerequisite by the time the course begins.
One reason for overrides is to ensure that students who are declared into majors, minors, or concentrations are able to obtain their specified degree requirements. Only declared students who require specific courses may be able to access these spaces with overrides, space permitting. If you have declared as into a concentration or major or minor and cannot register for courses that you require, I may have solutions accessible through overrides if you contact me in time. It is, however, the student’s responsibility to register in a timely fashion
Ans. b) Please request an override from sociology advising three working days prior to your day to register so that it will be ready for you when you register. You will receive an e-mail indicating the override has been granted and put in place; you must then register. If there is no space remaining in the requested course, advising will offer alternative options.
Please do not contact Sociology faculty, administrative staff, the Chair, or the Dean’s office for overrides. You will be referred back to the academic advisor. Overrides are granted by the advisor only. Contact with your override request. Include your student number, the course number, course section and seminar number, selecting only courses/ sections/seminars that are not full to capacity.
Ans. Declarations are reviewed and approved by Viola Bartel, Sociology advising:   
  • Fax: Attention Viola Bartel – 905-688-8337, or
  • Submit to the mailbox of Viola Bartel – located immediately off the elevator, foyer of 4th floor academic south Walker Complex (building across from campus police).
  • Book advising to declare and obtain a program plan outlining the requirements. (See FAQ on how to book advising)
Note: Sociology declarations are accepted between September and the end of April. They are approved if students obtain the appropriate grades to declare (See FAQ links below outlining grades, courses and logistics for the various declarations
Ans.   We have three streams of study in the department of Sociology: a 3 year BA Pass (15 credits), a 4 year BA with Major (20 credits) and a 4 year Honours degree.
In order to declare into the 3 year BA Pass or 4 year BA with Major, complete SOCI1F90 with minimum of 60% or achieve a sociology average of 60% if you have taken more sociology than SOCI1F90.  Neither the 3 year BA Pass nor the 4 year BA with Major allow students to pursue graduate studies. 
If you receive a minimum of 70% in SOCI1F90, you may declare into the 4-year Honours stream of sociology (20 credits). Honours majors with sufficiently high average may later wish to pursue graduate studies.
To declare sociology as major, obtain a Declaration of Major form from Office of the Registrar or their website   Book advising during the fall/winter semesters in Sociology to submit your declaration and obtain a program plan outlining degree requirements. Declarations are approved if students receive the requisite grades.
Ans.  First, be sure to review your acceptance package and register promptly for Smart Start (a one day orientation to Brock) or for any other orientations offered to transfer students.   Second, be sure to also activate and check your Brock e-mail account regularly for direction/ messages regarding registration and course selection. Third, promptly email and/or book an advising appointment (see FAQ link on booking advising) and meet with the Sociology adviser prior to the registration (beginning mid-June) for direction on what courses to take, given the transfer credits that you have been granted.
Ans. You will take 5.credits (visit to register). Register into:
  • SOCI1F90.
  • 1.0 credit Humanities Context – See FAQ on context credits
  • 1.0 credit Sciences Context – See FAQ on context credits
  • 2.0 credits more elective credits
When planning your courses, note that you must remain in the same lecture and seminar of SOCI 1F90 all year. SOCI 1F90 spans both fall and winter semesters. Register for both semesters at once ensuring that you have no lecture or seminar overlaps.
You must attain a minimum 60% to remain a sociology major and 70% for honours (along with a concentration) by end of year one.
Half versus Full Credits: One credit consists of either one full credit course running from September through April or two half credits each running for one semester. Full credits have ‘F’ in the course number (ie. SOCI 1F90) and half credit courses have ‘P’ or ‘Q’ in the course number (ie. CLAS1P92, and CLAS1P95).
Register so as to take 5 courses per semester (Fall: Sept.-Dec. and Winter: Jan.-Apr.) These courses might be any combination of full or half credits. Click on course screens to view the descriptions and prerequisites; only register for courses for which you will hold the prerequisites to avoid deregistration. Most courses have two components: a lecture and a seminar/or lab. Be sure that none of these overlap in your schedule.  
OSAP and Courseload:   A full load of courses consists of 5.0 credits (not all students always take 5.0 credits). Check with Brock financial services on how many credits you need to carry if you are receiving OSAP, or other scholarships or bursaries.
Smart Start: Review your acceptance package and register for Smart Start as early as possible in the summer. Smart Start is a one day orientation where you receive assistance registering for the appropriate courses.
Ans. Students apply to the Policing Collaborative Programs at the end of year one to Jeanette Ramsay,   Acceptance is contingent on earning 70% overall average in year 1 studies (this average includes all your year one course credits). The program is set up for students to earn an Honours degree by attending Year 1, 2 and 4 at Brock; along with the Police Foundations certification by attending Niagara College in year 3. See the latest Undergraduate Calendar for degree options (beginning with the year one courses required prior to acceptance):   Contact Jeanette Ramsay for further details.
Ans. Begin by taking the first year required courses set out by both departments. Be sure to achieve the required combined major grades to become a co-major (ie. achieve a minimum 60% co-major average or 70% for Honours stream). Book advising with both departments prior to the end of winter semester to understand the respective co-major course and grade requirements and/or to submit a Declaration of Major indicating the co-major.
Ans. Only Sociology honours majors (holding a Sociology major average of 70%) are eligible to declare a concentration in either criminology or critical animal studies. In winter semester, submit to sociology adviser, Viola Bartel, a completed and signed Declaration of Major form indicating the desired concentration. Your declaration will be held pending grades to be approved at end of May. In the meantime, be sure to book advising in the department of sociology to review your degree requirements, including the concentration, well in advance of summer registration. Declarations submitted after June 1st may be held pending until the fall, to ensure spaces to those who declared on time.
Declaration of Major forms are available from Office of the Registrar or their website   See the FAQ links regarding specific concentration requirements.
Note: You must be working on a 4-year honours degree in sociology to declare a concentration in criminology. Apart from the sociology and criminology requirements set out below, you will require 1.0 credit each of Sciences and Humanities context credits along with elective credits for a total of 20 credits to complete your degree. Do not exceed 8.0 year one credits for this degree. Book advising in sociology to have the degree requirements set out on a program plan by the end of winter semester.
Year 1: Take SOCI1F90. Achieve minimum 70%.  Submit a declaration of Major form to sociology advising prior to end of April; it will be approved contingent on your sociology average. The remaining year one courses will be electives or context credits.
Year 2: You will require 6 half credits of year 2 sociology/criminology including:
  • SOCI2P00 and SOCI2P11
  • Three half credits of year 2 criminology: SOCI2P33, 2P61, 2P62.  
  • Take one half credit more of year 2 sociology. If possible, choose one of SOCI 2P20, 2P47, 2P71 (optional criminology)
  • Remaining credits will be electives.
Year 3: You will require a minimum 7 half credits of year 3 sociology/criminology including:
  • SOCI3P00 or 3P01
  • SOCI 3P02
  • SOCI3P11 (in fall) as prerequisite to 3P12 (in winter)
  • Three half credits of year 3 criminology choosing from the ones offered: any three of SOCI3P33, 3P60, 3P67, 3P67, 3P63, 3P65, 3P67, 3P68, 3P70, 3P82. 
  • If you have not completed an optional criminology course in year two, take one of the following: SOCI 2P20, 2P47, 2P71, 3P30, 3P45, 3P51, 3P96, 3P97, 3P98, 3Q98.
  • Remaining credits will be electives.
  •  Year 4: Take one credit (2 half courses) of any of the year 4 criminology offered, choosing from SOCI3Q95, 4P33, 4P61, 4P62, 4P65, 3P81, 4P82; plus 4 more year 4 sociology. Remaining credits will be electives.
Note: Only students with 70% sociology major average declared into a 4-year honours degree in sociology may declare a concentration in critical animal studies. Apart from the sociology/animals requirements outlined below, you will require 1.0 credit each of Sciences and Humanities context credits and electives for a total of 20 credits .Do not exceed 8.0 year one credits for this degree.
Year 1: Take SOCI1F90.   Achieve minimum 70%. By April, submit to sociology advising a Declaration of Major form indicating the critical animals concentration. The declaration will be pending approval until confirmation of a 70% sociology major average. Remaining year one credits will be context credits or electives.
Year 2:  You will require 6 half credits of year 2 sociology and critical animals courses including:
  • SOCI2P11 and 2P00 (core required sociology)
  • SOCI2P85 (animals)
  • Three more half credits of year 2 sociology
       Remaining credits will be electives.
Year 3: You will require 7 half credits of sociology and critical animals year 3 courses, including:
  • SOCI3P00 or 3P01, SOCI3P02, SOCI3P11 (in fall) prerequisite to SOCI3P12 (in winter) (core required).  
  • Take at least one of the following critical animals courses: SOCI3P65, 3P75, 3P85, 3P87 or 3P95. 
  • Take two more half credits of year 3 sociology.
Remaining credits will be electives.
Year 4: Take two more half credit animals from SOCI3P95, 4P65, 4P80, 4P85 plus 4 more half credits of year 4 sociology. 
             Remaining credits will be electives.
Note: Sociology majors do not declare minors housed in the sociology department. Sociology majors may declare a minor in other participating departments. Contact the relevant department to declare a minor and to review the minor requirements. Minor requirements will fit into your degree as electives. See FAQ on minors for sociology majors.
Ans. Only students who are NOT sociology majors are able to declare sociology based minors. Currently we offer two minors: Sociology or Critical Animal Studies (CRAS). Firstly, complete SOCI1F90 with at least 60%. Submit to sociology adviser, Viola Bartel, a Declaration of Major form indicating the minor you wish to declare, completed and signed by mid-May the for approval. Declaration forms are available from Office of the Registrar or their website Declarations submitted past June 1st deadline may be pending approve until late August or September.
To see the minor requirements for critical animal studies or sociology follow the FAQ links.
The critical animals (CRAS) minor is declared by non-sociology majors. 
The CRAS minor is 4.0 credits to be declared with sociology advising, upon completion of SOCI1F90 with a minimum of 60%. Submit your form early (fall/winter semester) and it will be approved by mid-May, pending grades. Minor credits fit into your degree needs as electives. Minors do not take sociology year 4 level courses numbered 4P00-4P99. Declarations submitted past June 1st may be held pending until late August or September.
Ans. CRAS minors take the following 4.0 credits
Year 1: SOCI1F90 = 1.0 credit
Year 2: Take SOCI2P85 and two more half courses of year 2 sociology = 1.5 credits
Year 3: Take one of SOCI3P65, 3P75, 3P85, 3P87, 3P95 and take 2 more half courses of year 3 sociology = 1.5 credits.
The minor in sociology is declared by non-sociology majors.
Note: Minors are 4.0 credits, to be declared with sociology advising upon completion of SOCI1F90 with minimum 60%; achieve an overall average of 60% in completing the 4 minor credits. Submit your form early (fall/winter) to be approved by end of May, pending grades. Minor credits fit into your degree as electives. Minors do not take year 4 level sociology courses numbered 4P00-4P99. Declarations submitted past June 1st may be pending until end of August or September.
Ans. Sociology minors take the following courses: 
SOCI1F90 = 1.0 credit
Three half courses SOCI 2(alpha)00 or higher = 1.5 credits
Three half courses Year 3 level sociology = 1.5 credits
Ans.   Sociology majors may declare minors within other departments. The options are listed under in the recent Undergraduate Calendar – . Scroll down to IV. Graduation Requirements under E. Minors. Contact the relevant home department prior to their deadline to declare a minor and to understand the requirements. The minor requirements will serve as electives within your degree.
NoteIf you are a sociology major and your SOCI1F90 is less than 60% you will lose your major status. This is significant, as non-majors register later than majors, space in courses permitting. 
Ans. Your options are:
  • Retake SOCI1F90 and achieve the minimum required grade of 60%. Then resubmit a Declaration of Major to sociology advising. 
Note: Students may retake up to 3.0 credits. Each course may be retaken only once, with the last mark going into your averages (be it higher or lower).
  • If you have a bit lower than 60% in SOCI1F90, move to take year 2 sociology courses and in so doing, raise your sociology average to 60% in completing those courses. This means earning grades over 60% in year 2 sociology courses. Once you raise your sociology average to minimum 60%, re-declare sociology with sociology advising. 
Note: Non-majors register after majors, space in courses permitting.   This means that you may or may not be able to register into year 2 sociology courses by the time the system is open to you registering as a non-major (or undeclared minor) in sociology. Once the courses are full, overrides are not possible.
  • If you have higher grades in another subject and wish to major in that subject, contact that department to declare a major and to understand your program requirements. There will be deadlines and regulations set out in the latest Undergraduate Calendar, scroll down to the discipline of choice for information on the various programs.
  • Contact advising in Office of the Registrar to understand the degree options for non-sociology majors or for Social Sciences or general arts students.
Note:   You cannot take the honours year 4 courses numbered SOCI4P00-4P99 unless your application to year 4 is approved by sociology advising. Approval is contingent on 70% sociology major average. Pending the approval, your year 4 registration is blocked. Submit your application to year 4 honours to sociology advising by mid-November of year 3 studies; it will be approved when your year 3 grades are on the student server and you hold a minimum of 70% sociology average.
Ans. You have a few options; in each case contact sociology advising as early on as possible, in winter semester of year 3 studies and no later than May.. If you have a 60% sociology major average, you may switch into one of the two non honours sociology degree programs:
  • Switch programs through sociology advising to graduate with a 15.0 credit BA pass.
  • Switch programs through sociology advising to graduate with a 20.0 credit BA with major. Take the relevant year 4 sociology (non-honours) requirements. 
  • Consult advising on how to proceed with the honours degree by first raising your sociology average to 70%. This may take extra time and credits.
Ans. Each student must graduate with 1.0 credit context courses for each of: 
1. Social Sciences Note: SOCI1F90 for sociology majors 
2. Humanities
3. Sciences
Note: One credit is either two half courses that run for one semester or one full year full credit course usually spanning two semesters. Examples: Humanities Context full credit (with ‘F”) in the course number – ie. CANA1F91.   Sciences context two half credits equaling one credit (with ‘P’) in the course number (or ‘Q) - ie. ASTR1P01 and ASTR1P02. 
See for the full selection of context credits in the recent Undergraduate Calendar. Scroll down to III. Degree/Progam Policies B. Context Courses. Select 1.0 credit from Humanities and 1.0 credit from the Sciences list.
Ans. See the most recent Undergraduate Calendar – Under Academic Regulations and University Policies, scroll down to I. Dropping/Withdrawing from Courses – select by semesterNote: It is best to drop or withdraw from a course rather than to fail one.
Ans. Refer to the Undergraduate Calendar - scroll down to H. a. Academic Probation, Suspension, Debarment   or b. Academic Suspension
Ans.   Please visit the 2014-2015 Undergraduate Calendar – (see II. Registration – M. Repeating a Failed Course). A student may repeat a failed course, but no course may be repeated more than once – both grades will remain on the student’s transcript but the second grade will be used in the computation of the student’s average.  
Note: A student may repeat up to 3.0 credits, each course only one time. One credit is either one full year course or two half credit courses.
Ans. Courses taken elsewhere for Brock degree credit are taken by Letter of Permission (LOP).   Students eligible to work on LOP courses must hold a minimum of 60% overall average and have completed 5.0 credits at Brock. Two of the last 5.0 credits in a Brock degree may be completed by LOP. Please read the reverse side of the LOP form for other relevant criteria and information.
Note: LOP courses do not enter into Brock degree averages; they are pass/fail. While they must be passed adequately, the grade does not affect your Brock averages. This means that your Brock averages must be acceptable regardless of the LOP course grade.
Viola Bartel in sociology approves only Sociology LOP courses. Please ensure the courses are clearly sociological (rather than criminal justice, social psychology or social work). Only University courses will be approved as LOP courses (not college credits).   Submit to Viola a print copy of the LOP course descriptions with course titles and course numbers and the course weighting (full credit or half credit), along with completed, signed LOP form. LOP approval forms are available from office of the registrar or their website,   Either Fax the course descriptions and LOP form to the attention of Viola Bartel at 905-688-8337, e-mail me scanned copies or submit originals to Viola’s mailbox in the foyer of 4th Floor Walker complex (building across from campus police), for approval. Once approved, the LOP form is sent to Brock, Office of the Registrar. Please arrange to pay Brock the required LOP administrative fee, and arrange to register for and complete the course by working through the logistics with the alternative university. 


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