Why Choose This Program?

Social Sciences - Social Justice and Equity Studies

Why Choose This Program?


Having developed advanced skills in research, writing, reflection and critical analysis, graduates of SJES transition to a wide range of activities, often combining further study, employment, and social activism.

Graduate are making their marks in careers across all employment sectors. They report back the value of their advanced training in social justice studies to their day-to-day work. Those who do voluntary work with community organizations or social movement groups find the MA in SJES has strengthened their community work, advocacy or activism.

For those on an academic path, graduates of SJES have an excellent record of entering PhD or professional programs (e.g., in law or education). Interestingly, for some students the interdisciplinary MA has provided a transitional opportunity to shift away from their undergraduate discipline and into a new discipline for their PhD.

Research at Brock
The SJES program unites scholars from distinct academic disciplines to provide an exciting breadth and diversity of perspectives. The program is made up of participating faculty from Child and Youth Studies, Communications, Popular Culture and Film Studies, Community Health Sciences, Dramatic Arts, Education, English Language and Literature, Geography, History, Labour Studies, Political Science, Recreation and Leisure Studies, Sociology, Visual Arts, and Women's and Gender Studies.

The SJES program is closely tied to the Social Justice Research Institute, which gives students a window on social justice research and opportunities for involvement in ongoing research projects, colloquia and conferences. 

Dr. Mary-Beth Raddon

Dr. Mary-Beth Raddon, Graduate Program Director