Concentration in Public Law

Concentration in Public Law

Students may earn a BA in Political Science with a Concentration in Public Law by successfully completing a number of prescribed courses when fulfilling the usual requirements for the Poltiical Science Honours program. Students completing an Honours BA in Political Science including the concentration requirements will have the words 'Concentration in Public Law' added to their transcript. 

What is Public Law?
Public law consists of those areas of the law that govern the relationship between individuals and the state, or the relationships between parts of the state. These include constitutional, criminal, administrative, municipal, and international law.

Why study Political Science with a Concentration in Public Law at Brock?

  • Among the courses available to students in the Honours BA Political Science program, is an internship placement (POLI 4P95). In this limited enrolment course, students in the Public Law Concentration have interned with local law firms, a provincial court, and other law-related organizations, thus providing a practical, career oriented experience as part of their academic studies.
  • Many Political Science graduates already go on to law school. The Concentration in Public Law is designed to give such students an opportunity to gain pre-law school experience by undertaking the systematic study of law as part of their undergraduate studies.
  • This program will also benefit students intending to proceed to careers in which knowledge of the legal environment will be helpful; these include the public service, the foreign service, international business and trade, public relations, and journalism.
  • Students in this concentration are also encouraged to take electives from public law-related fields in programs such as Child and Youth Studies and Sociology.

Students must complete six and one-half credits from a prescribed list of courses throughout their degree. Students may choose from a range of courses. For a full listing of available courses within the Concentration and Public Law, as well as the typical course pattern for a major in Political Science, please visit our Undergraduate Calendar.