Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Pierre, Lizée.  A Whole New World. Reinventing International Studies for the Post-Western World. New York and London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

To fully understand the non-Western world and its growing impact on global politics, International Studies as a discipline has to change. The assumption that it speaks to universal realities has left the subject trapped within its current conventions and debates. Pierre P. Lizee argues that the nature of the state in the non-Western world, the nature of the market, and other such realities have to be studied in more detail in order to produce a better account of the way in which the non-Western world will influence global politics. Indeed, democratization, conflict resolution, development and international stability will all move forward within processes and agendas designed to a growing degree by non-Western actors.


Conteh, Charles (Spring, 2013) Policy Governance in Multi-Level Systems: Economic Development and Policy Implementation in Canada. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press (MQUP) (In Print)

Conteh, Charles and Robert Segsworth (Eds.), (Winter 2013) Governance in Northern Ontario: Economic Development and Policy Making. Toronto: University of Toronto Press (UTP). (in print).

Conteh, Charles (2011) "Private Delivery of Public Services in Canada" in Leone, R. & F. Ohemeng (Eds.) Approaching Public Administration, (Toronto: Edmund Montgomery Publications), pp. 235 – 243.  


Conteh, Charles (2007) Globalization and Africa’s Experience:  Fetching Water from a Broken Cistern” in Howard Wiarda (ed.) Globalization: Universal Trends, Regional Implications (Boston: Northeastern University Press), pp. 246-265. (co-authored with Dr. Lana Wylie, McMaster).


Conteh, Charles (2012) "Public Management in an Age of Complexity:  Economic Development in Canada" International Journal of Public Sector Management, Vol. 25 (in print) (Premier international journal in the public management field).


Conteh, Charles (2011). "Balancing Resilience and Adaptability in Northern Ontario and Manitoba," Canadian Journal of Regional Science. Vol. 34 (2/3), pp.69-81.


Conteh, Charles (2011) “Policy Implementation in Multi-Level Environments: Regional Economic Development Policy in Northern Ontario" Canadian Public Administration, Vol. 54 (1), 121-142.

J.Dreifelds, “Latvia”,chapter in Nations in Transit 2011: Democratization from Central Europe to Eurasia, edited by Sylvana Habdank-Kolaczowska and Christopher T.Walker,published by Freedom House, and Rowman Littlefield,2010.


This article provides an explanation for the global influences and dynamics that have led major mining companies to adopt corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies, and frame them in terms of sustainable development. It argues that three elements are necessary to explain firm responses, including strategic adaptation to external pressures, learning processes associated with CSR, and internalization of sustainable development norms.



This article reports a case study of how organizational antecedents, specifically leadership choices, decisions, culture, and organizational learning, impact and construct the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives of a Canadian mid-tier mining firm operating in Ghana. 


Hevina S. Dashwood, “Sustainable Development Norms and Self-Regulation in the Mining Sector” in Julia Sagebien and Nicole Lindsay, eds., Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance Ecosystems:  Emerging Patterns in the Stakeholder Relationships of Canadian Mining Companies Operating in Latin America (New York:  Palgrave-Macmillan), 2011, pp. 31-46.

This chapter explains how global norms are disseminated by tracing the process by which major mining companies adopted the norm of sustainable development to frame their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies.  As recently as 15 years ago, few major mining companies were reporting on their environmental and social responsibilities.  The chapter addresses the questions as to how and why sustainable development came to be the normative framework informing mining companies’ CSR policies as reflected in their stand-alone reports.

Abstract: Political science has tended not to problematize human domination over nonhuman animals. Political scientists have been engaged intellectually and politically with other struggles for justice and citizenship leading one to question the apparent indifference to the issue of ‘animal rights’. This paper accounts for the absence of animals in political science research and suggests that recent scholarship has begun to take animal liberation seriously. The paper then looks at the options for the broader animal liberation movement and suggests that incremental change is the best and only option for animal advocates in contemporary liberal democracies.


Contemporary Party-Union Relations in Canada Larry Savage Brock University
Labor Studies Journal Volume 35 Number 1 March 2010 8-26

The longstanding political alliance between the Canadian labor movement and the New Democratic Party (NDP) has experienced new stresses in recent years. Whereas the NDP was widely considered the political arm of the labor movement during the Keynesian post-war period, under neoliberalism, the relationship between most unions and the NDP has become more tactical and less cohesive. This article surveys contemporary party-union relationships in Canada, at both the federal and provincial levels, with a view to demonstrating that weakening party-union relations are rooted in larger macro-economic and political transformations and are shaped by factors related to region and language.

Matthew Hennigar. "Exploring Complex Judicial-Executive Interaction: 
Federal Government Concessions in Charter of Rights Cases." Canadian Journal of Political Science. Forthcoming 2010.

This articles analyzes the federal government's concessions before the Supreme Court of Canada that its own laws are unconstitutional under the Charter of Rights. Using data from 1984-2004, the author finds that full concessions of unconstitutionality are exceptionally rare, but that ?partial? concessions are not uncommon.  There is weak support for the hypothesis that governments are more willing to concede laws passed by previous governments of a different party, but on the whole, the federal government appears committed to defending its laws in court.

This new introduction to Canadian Politics analyzes how the great diversity of Canada provides important challenges for the practice of democracy and the good government that Canadians expect. It is about YOUR government and the struggles, competing values, ideologies and fraught decisions that touch your life. Students’ ability to afford higher education, the safety of the food you eat, how well the natural environment is protected for current and future generations, whether job opportunities will be limited by high unemployment, and even who you can legally marry are all affected by government policies. This book shows that Canadian politics is not only interesting, but very important both domestically and internationally.

Mintz, Eric, Christopher Dunn and Livianna Tossutti (2013,forthcoming) Canada's Politics: democracy, diversity and good government. Toronto: Pearson Education Canada.



Tossutti, Livianna S. (2012, in press) "Municipal Roles in Immigrant Settlement, Integration and Cultural Diversity," Canadian Journal of Political Science


Tossutti, Livianna and Victoria Esses (2011) How Community Leaders Perceive Immigration and Diversity. Prepared for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Ontario Region).

Tossutti, Livianna, Victoria Esses and Douglas Hagar (2011) Analysis of LIP Strategic Plans: the social, cultural and political inclusion of immigrants. Prepared for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Ontario Region).

Hevina S. Dashwood, “CSR Norms and Organizational Learning in the Mining Sector”, Corporate Governance, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2012, pp. 118-138.

Bill Buenar Puplampu (principal author) and Hevina S. Dashwood, “Investigating the organisational antecedents of a mining firm’s efforts to reinvent its CSR: The Case of Golden Star Resources in Ghana”, Business and Society Review, Vol. 116, No. 4, 2011, pp. 467-507. 

Hamilton, Paul. "Animal Liberation: A View from Political Science" Brock Review. Vol. 12, No. 1 (2011) pp. 129-143.

Mintz, Eric, Livianna Tossutti and Christopher Dunn. Democracy, Diversity, and Good Government: an introduction to politics in Canada.  (Toronto: Pearson Education Canada, 2011).

Tossutti, Livianna S. and Kelly Morettin (2012, in press) "St. Catharines-Niagara and international migration: a region in transition" in Caroline Andrew, John Biles, Meyer Burstein, Vicki Esses and Erin Tolley (eds),  Immigration, Integration and Inclusion in Ontario Cities. Montreal-Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press.