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Public Policy & Administration

Public Policy & Administration is the study of how government works and how government can work better. It is the most 'applied' of all the sub-disciplines of Political Science and is very useful for students planning a career in politics or public service. Students of Public Policy & Administration at Brock study various aspects of government operations, from how governments make policy decisions to how policies are implemented. Some of the most prominent topics studied in public administration include: the style and structure of policy-making, the organizational design of government, the values and ethics of public service, the dynamics of policy implementation, and the preservation of democratic accountability, amongst others. Public Policy & Administration encompasses all three levels of government (federal, provincial, and municipal) and it addresses the most important contemporary issues in economic, social and environmental policy.

Students who study Public Policy & Administration go on to a wide range of careers. Most commonly, Public Policy & Administration graduates gain employment in the public sector as an advisor, analyst, or administrator in government. Others gain employment in fields such as law, education, consulting, or business. Brock graduates in Public Policy & Administration can be found in various occupations and in all levels of government, many of them enjoying successful and rewarding careers.

Courses in Public Policy & Administration at Brock

Second Year:

  • POLI 2Q98: Introduction to Public Administration
  • POLI 2P99: Introduction to Public Policy
Third Year:
  • POLI 3P11:  Local Government
  • POLI 3P66:  Environmental Policy, Law and Administration
  • POLI 3P67:  Issues in Canadian Public Policy
  • POLI 3P98:  Public Sector Management
  • POLI 3Q97:  Public Sector Unions
Fourth Year:
  • POLI 4P10:  Issues in Local Government
  • POLI 4P50:  Machinery of Government
  • POLI 4P54:  Business-Government Relations
  • POLI 4P66:  The Politics of Environmental and Resource Scarcity
  • POLI 4P67:  Comparative Public Policy
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