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About Our Department

Message from the Chair
Whether you are already a student in political science, or are thinking of becoming one, or are just browsing, I want to welcome you to the Department and to our web page.

Our department is made up of sixteen permanent faculty members, several others who help us out with our teaching as part-time instructors and teaching assistants, about fifteen to twenty new graduate students each year and, of course, our undergraduates -- majors and others. Some of us study Canadian or comparative politics, others international relations, and others political theory or public policy. And we study these subjects in very different ways. Often we disagree with each other, sometimes vehemently (though always civilly). What we share is a passionate interest in politics -- in the “game” and in its consequences, in what attracts the best and worst of human types. We – my colleagues and I, and our students – know why so many of our fellow citizens sneer at politics and politicians. But we also know that there is hardly any subject more worthy of study, nowhere we can hope to learn more about the human condition or our own society. We know that it is here that justice and injustice happen. The interest we share makes for a good deal of intellectual community among students and teachers of political science. We invite you to join that community.

Political science and liberal education have had a long and strong connection, and that connection is reflected in our classrooms. Good conversation, the search for clarity and agreement, supported by careful reading and reflection, observation and analysis, play a large role in our classes, both seminars and lectures.

Each year we award more than 100 undergraduate degrees, more than half with honours degrees. Our graduates go on to the study of law, enter the worlds of business and government, or pursue further study in their areas of special interest. Our MA students have also entered the public service and successfully pursued doctoral degrees in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. We are hugely proud of our graduates, and mostly they seem to be happy about what we did for them.

If you would like to know more about us and the things we study in our own research and in our classes, follow the links to our programs or to our faculty or contact me at wmathie@brocku.ca.

Good luck in your studies,


William Mathie
Political Science
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