Sociology and Labour Studies

Sociology and Labour Studies

Students interested in pursuing a degree in Sociology should consider the possibility of pursuing a co-major degree in Sociology and Labour Studies. The sociology of work, labour-environmental alliances, domestic labour, the impact of technological change and globalization on workers, theories of the labour movement, and the pursuit of equity and diversity in the workplace are some of the issues that stimulate teaching and research in Labour Studies.

Labour Studies and Sociology

Year 1
ECON 1P91 and 1P92, or one POLI credit numbered 1(alpha)90 to 1(alpha)99
one Humanities context credit
one Science context credit

Year 2
LABR 2P03 and 2P06
LABR 2P32 or 2P34
one-half LABR credit
SOCI 2P11 and 2P13
one SOCI credit
one elective credit

Year 3
LABR 3P03 and 3P06
one-half LABR credit
one-half LABR credit 2(alpha)90 or above
SOCI 3P00 and 3P01
one-half SOCI credit
one-half SOCI credit numbered 2(alpha)90 or above
one elective credit

Year 4
One LABR credit
one LABR credit numbered 3(alpha)90 or above
two SOCI credits numbered 3(alpha)90 or above
one elective credit

Pass Program
Satisfactory completion of the first three years of the Honours program entitles a student to apply for a Pass degree.

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