Core Courses

Core Courses

Core Courses

LABR 1F90: Canadian Labour and Employment Relations
Interdisciplinary introduction to the study of work and labour in Canada. Topics may include union-management relations, class conflict, labour history, labour law and the role of the labour movement in Canadian society.

LABR 1F99: Work and Social Change
Introduction to the interdisciplinary study of work in historical, contemporary and cross-cultural contexts. Topics may include the meaning and organization of work, workers' identities and cultures, changing employment patterns, and the role of workers' organizations in promoting social justi.

LABR 2P00: Mediation, Arbitration and Conflict Resolution
Multidisciplinary exploration of mediation, arbitration and conflict  
resolution. Includes theoretical and practical skills-based components.

LABR 2P03: Labour Law and Labour Unions
Labour law and public policy relating to work and organized labour in provincial and federal jurisdictions; institutions in the labour market such as the Labour Relations Board; the structure and functioning of organized labour in Canada; labour law and union organization in other countries.

LABR 2P90: The Labour of Sport
Critical approach to sport as labour and professional athletes as workers. Topics may include the history of labour organizing and labour relations in professional sports, collective bargaining, strikes and lockouts, and how axes of inequality, including race, gender and sexuality, shape athletes' experiences of work.

LABR 2P93: History of the Global Working Class
Development of the global working class. Topics include the origins of capitalism, diverse forms of working class politics and resistance, the history of international working class solidarity, and how race, gender and geography have structured working class experience and collective action.

LABR 2Q92: Work, Equity and Diversity
How various inequalities, such as those based on gender, race, ethnicity, nation, sexuality, ability and citizenship status, are reproduced and resisted in workplaces, workers' organizations, employment policy, and projects of change.

LABR 2Q95: Animals at Work
Examination of labour involving animals in historical, contemporary, and cross-cultural contexts. Topics may include class and animals, animals as workers, connections and tensions between the rural and urban, debates about workers’ and animals’ welfare, inter-species solidarity, agency, and political action.

LABR 3P06: Class and Culture
Intersectional and critical analysis of the cultural politics of class. Topics may include class experience and consciousness, class and labour in popular culture, the influence of class and culture on society, and cultures of resistance.

LABR 3P13: The Politics of Labour
Critical, multidisciplinary, exploration of parliamentary and extra-parliamentary political activism in Canada's labour movement.

LABR 3P90: Collective Bargaining
Bargaining simulation played by students assuming the role of union and management negotiators. Topics may include a survey of the nature, determinants and impact of collective bargaining in Canada, the procedural and substantive aspects of collective bargaining, grievance arbitration, and other dispute settlement procedures.

LABR 3P91: Labour Studies Theory and Methods
Examination of theoretical approaches and research techniques in Labour Studies.

LABR 3Q92: Care Work and Intimate Labours
Care work and other intimate labours including child care, elder care, domestic work and sex work. Examination of how relations of gender, race and class structure work. Topics may include social reproduction, mitigation, global care chains, the welfare state and care workers organizing.

LABR 3Q93: Labour in a Global and Comparative Perspective
Transnational issues such as global capitalism, the environment and nature, trade, migration and labour organizing, and national case studies from regions such as the global south, Europe and Asia.

LABR 3Q95: Sex Work and Sex Workers
Examination of sex work, various theoretical perspectives on sex work and their social policy implications for sex workers. Topics may include prostitution, pornography, the political economy of sex work and sex worker union organizing.

LABR 3Q96: Children and Youth at Work
Multidisciplinary exploration of North American and international perspectives on child labour and youth in the labour market.

LABR 3Q97: Public Sector Unions
Multidisciplinary examination of public sector unionism in Canada. Topics include the origin and growth, collective bargaining and dispute resolution, privatization and contracting out, and public sector union political action.

LABR 4P21: Labour and Social Justice Organizing
Theory and praxis of labour and social justice organizing.

LABR 4P31: Women, Work and Unions
Theoretical and research developments concerning women's paid and unpaid work. Topics may also include union activism, collective bargaining priorities and related government policies.



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