Workshops for TAs

Workshops for TAs

 Each year, the Center for Pedagogical Innovation offers a selection of workshops for all TAs (graduate or undergraduate). These workshops are related to teaching learning issues in higher education and can be extremely valuable for new and seasoned TAs. All TAs with a contract can attend, for free, these workshops. Be sure to bookmark their site and to follow announcements on upcoming workshops. Some recent topics covered have been: 

  • Orientation, how to keep students engaged, cultural sensitivity and course closures.

You can obtain the Winter 2013 Teaching Assistant Workshop Series here (pdf file).

Here is some upcoming workshops with links for registration:


Come to a teaching simulation session and in a small group pick an instructional strategy you would like to practice -- try it out and receive some feedback.  To guide your practice, tips and variations on instructional and pedagogical approaches will be offered.


Teaching Simulation Session 2 Thursday 31st January 6pm-8pm

Teaching Simulation Session 3 Tuesday 12 February 10am-12pm

Teaching Simulation Session 4 Monday 4 March 11am - 1pm

Contact for more information


The Instructional Skills Workshops is usually offered every year by the Center for Pedagogical Innovation. It is one of the most successful approaches to pedagogy in post secondary institutions. Held over 3 days, the ISW is designed to enhance the teaching effectiveness of TAs through teaching practice and feedback in small groups. There is a $50 registration fee which is refundable upon completion of the program. You can register at