CPCF Faculty

CPCF Faculty

Nick Baxter-Moore, Associate Professor

SBH 310, x4145 or SBH 329, x6352
Winter 2016 office hours:

Nick Baxter-Moore (PhD Carleton University) focuses his research on popular culture and identity; class, nation, and popular music; local popular culture; and live performance. He teaches courses on popular culture, popular music, media industries, and research methods. Nick is also the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies for the Faculty of Social Sciences. Learn more about Nick.


Jackie Botterill, Associate Professor

SBH 338, x5364

Winter 2016 office hours: Mon. & Thurs. 10:00am -11:00 am

Jackie Botterill (PhD University of East London) explores cultural economy, consumer culture, advertising and promotion, and consumerism and lifestyle, as well as status, class, identity, and marketplace politics. She teaches courses on communication theory, organizational culture, cultures of consumption, and mass culture. Her most recent book, Consumer Culture and Personal Finance: Money Goes to Market, was published in 2010. Learn more about Jackie.


Dale Bradley, Assistant Professor

SBH 322, x3180

Winter 2016 office hours: By appointment

Dale Bradley (PhD York University) teaches classes on technology and culture and the social history of information technology. Dale's research interests lie in the popular representation of cyberculture, the impact of information and communication technologies on office culture and workspaces, and political discourse on the open source software movement. Dale is on sabbatical until July 2015. Learn more about Dale.


Marian Bredin, Associate Professor

SBH 314, x4658

Winter 2016 office hours: By appointment.

Marian Bredin (PhD McGill University) teaches courses on Canadian communications and cultural policy, media and minorities, media analysis, and Canadian television. Marian's research examines Aboriginal media, representations of cultural difference, and the connections between heritage, tourism, and popular culture. Marian is on sabbatical until July 2015. Learn more about Marian.


Sharon Broderick, Lecturer

TA 348, x3898

Winter 2016 office hours: Tues. & Thurs. 3:30-5 p.m. or by appointment

Sharon Broderick is a cross-appointed faculty member who also teaches in the Goodman School of Business and the International Masters of Accountancy. For CPCF, Sharon teaches courses in public relations and integrated marketing communications. Learn more about Sharon.


Tim Dun, Associate Professor

SBH 313, x5365
Winter 2016 office hours: Tues. 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. or Wed. by appointment

Tim Dun (PhD University of Iowa) teaches courses on interpersonal communication,communication theory, organizational communication, negotiation and conflict, gender and communication, and public speaking. His research areas include interpersonal conflict, communication theory, and intergenerational family relationships. Learn more about Tim.


Derek Foster, Associate Professor

SBH 311, x5366


Winter 2016 office hours: Currently on Sabbatical until July. Office hours by appointment only. 

Derek Foster (PhD Carleton University) teaches courses in visual rhetoric, audience research, language and power, theories of the media, and the rhetorical communication of social issues. Derek is interested in visual rhetoric, television studies, discourse analysis of public culture, and material popular culture (including mediatized place promotion). Learn more about Derek.


Greg Gillespie, Associate Professor

 SBH 308, x3160

Winter 2016 office hours:

Greg Gillespie (PhD University of Western Ontario) teaches and researches popular culture with a focus on non-mass mediated subjects (including role-playing games, sport culture, and Scottishness). His recent publication Barrowmaze II, placed second for the 2013 Three Castles Design Award for RPGs. Learn more about Greg.

Jennifer Good, Associate Professor

SBH 342, x3707
Winter 2016 office hours: Tues. 1:30-2:30 p.m., Thurs. 2-3 p.m. and by appointment

Jennifer Good (PhD Cornell University) teaches classes on environmental communication, mass media effects, research methods, and communication theory. Her research focuses on the places where mass media (especially television), materialism, and our understanding of/relationship with the natural environment intersect. Learn more about Jennifer.


Barry Grant, Professor

SBH 341, x3215
Winter 2016 office hours: By appointment.

Barry Grant (PhD State University of New York at Buffalo) is interested in film genres, documentary film, horror and science fiction, popular music, and popular culture. He has published extensively in many areas of film and popular culture; his most recent publication is a British Film Institute Screen Guide entitled 100 Science Fiction Films. Learn more about Barry.


Scott Henderson, Associate Professor and Chair

SBH 340, x4287
Winter 2016 office hours: Please contact for appointment.

Scott Henderson (PhD University of East Anglia) teaches classes in theories of popular culture, popular cinema, popular music, and film theory. Scott's research explores music and locality, youth culture, popular culture and identity, British cinema and popular culture, and Canadian popular culture. Learn more about Scott.


Russell Johnston, Associate Professor

SBH 320, x3154
Winter 2016 office hours: Tues. 9-10:30 a.m.

As a researcher, Russell Johnston (PhD Queen's University) is most interested in media history and popular memory. He teaches classes on cultural industries, the history of advertising, sport media, and research methods. In 2012, he co-wrote the Canadian edition of Communication Research Methods. Learn more about Russell.



Anthony Kinik

SBH 335, x6397
Winter 2016 office hours: Tuesdays, 11am-1pm.

Anthony Kinik (PhD McGill University) is a film studies scholar whose areas of specialization include documentary film, experimental film, theory, authorship, and Canadian and Québécois cinema.  His most recent publication was titled “Celluloid City:  Montreal and Multi-screen at Expo 67," Reimagining Cinema:  Film at Expo 67 (McGill-Queen’s University Press 2014).  Together with his colleagues Steven Jacobs and Eva Hielscher, he is currently working on a manuscript with the working title Montage Metropolises:  The City Symphonies Phenomenon (Routledge 2017).

Peter Lester, Assistant Professor

SBH 307, x3822
Fall 2015 office hours: by appointment.

Peter Lester (PhD Concordia) studies Canadian film history, screen culture, film technology, exhibition studies, and non-theatrical film. He teaches courses in Canadian cinema and documentary film. Learn more about Peter.

Sarah Matheson, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director

SBH 332, x4395

Winter 2016 office hours: Fri. 2-3 p.m.

Sarah Matheson (PhD University of Southern California) teaches courses in television studies, Canadian television, popular culture theory and research methods, and taste and cultural politics. Her research is in the area television studies with particular focus on Canadian television. Learn more about Sarah.


Christie Milliken, Associate Professor

SBH 336, x4480

Winter 2016 office hours: by appointment

Christie Milliken (PhD University of Southern California) researches sex and gender in cinema, sex education film and video, documentary studies, and pedagogy and film. She teaches classes in gender and film, documentary history and theory, American and international film history, cult cinema and fan culture, and melodrama studies. Christie is on sabbatical until July 2015. Learn more about Christie.

Bohdan Nebesio, Associate Professor

SBH 334, x5221

Winter 2016 office hours: Currently on Sabbatical until July. Office hours by appointment only. 

Bohdan Nebesio (PhD University of Alberta) teaches classes in film history, Hollywood cinema, classical film theory, and national cinemas. His research interests include film history and the history of film theory, silent cinema of the 1920s, cognitive approaches to film studies, cinemas of Eastern Europe, and Alexander Dovzhenko. Bohdan's most recent book, Historical Dictionary of Ukraine (2nd Ed.), was published in 2013. Learn more about Bohdan.

Joan Nicks, Adjunct Professor

SBH 316, x4065

Joan Nicks is a retired faculty member whose main research interest is the local popular culture of Niagara Falls. She is currently the editor and project coordinator of a manuscript in progress entitled Niagara Movie Theatres and Motels: Cultural Loss and Decline in Tourist City.


Jeannette Sloniowski, Associate Professor

SBH 316, x4065
Winter 2016 office hours: Wed. 1:30-3 p.m.

Jeannette Sloniowski (PhD University of Toronto)  teaches courses on
television, popular narrative, film genre, film noir, Canadian detective fiction, and film and  television of the 1950s. She has also been involved with Popular Culture Niagara, a departmental research group that studies various aspects of local popular culture. Her research focuses on crime fiction, cop shows, private eyes and documentary, as well as local popular culture and popular narrative. Learn more about Jeannette.

Karen Louise Smith - Assistant Professor

SBH 307, x6497
Winter 2016 Office hours:


Karen Smith (PhD University of Toronto) conducts research which explores the themes of openness, privacy and participation in digital society. Karen teaches courses related to social media, user experience, surveillance, and new media policy issues. Karen is published in journals such as Surveillance & Society, and collaborates extensively with Hive Toronto, a Mozilla stewarded digital literacy network.


Laura Wiebe, Assistant Professor

SBH 343, x6705
Winter 2016 office hours: Tues. 10-11 a.m. or by appointment

Laura Wiebe (PhD McMaster University) teaches courses on popular music, popular culture, technocultures/digital cultures and cultural theory. Her current research investigates cultural identities in popular music scenes, focusing on the case of the Quebec metal scene of the 1980s. Laura has also researched and published in the area of science fiction and fantasy studies, examining representations and constructions of modernity, science, technology, gender and difference in speculative narratives across media.

Andrea Zeffiro, Adjunct Professor

SBH 337
Winter 2016 office hours: by appointment

Andrea Zeffiro (PhD Concordia) teaches classes on digital literacy, and communication and media studies. Her research intersects the cultural politics and practices of emerging technologies, contemporary media histories, and art activism. Learn more about Andrea.


Part-time instructors

Amanda Bishop's office hours: By appointment
SBH 318

Bill Boehlen's office hours: By appointment, booked via email

Greg Jackson's office hours: By appointment

Tracy Kennedy's office hours: By appointment
SBH 337

Patti Lemene's office hours: by email request
SBH 337

Glen Norton's office hours: 
SBH 337

Sarah Posen's office hours:
SBH 320


Administrative Staff


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Administrative Assistant
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