Carol Penner

Faculty of Social Sciences - Child and Youth Studies

Carol Penner

Administrative Coordinator
Cairns Building Room 323
(905) 688-5550 ext. 5242

Carol Penner's responsibilities include the following administrative aspects of your CHYS experience:

  • Graduation Degree Audits (reviewing your program to determine whether you meet the graduation requirements for your CHYS BA Pass or Honours Degree)
  • Application process to major in CHYS
  • Application process for CHYS Honours (Year 4)
  • Job Posting process (Teaching Assistant, Marker-Grader)
  • Registration difficulties (management of CHYS Waitlist).  Please click here (PDF) for CHYS Registration Tips.
  • Academic advising for first year CHYS majors.

For requests for placement on Waitlists, please apply through the appropriate links on the CHYS website.

Requests for appointments for Program Plans, Career Options, Academic Challenges, etc. should be made with the CHYS Department Coordinator, Alison Lahn.

I hope you enjoy your academic experience at Brock University .