Maurice Feldman, Ph.D.

Faculty of Social Sciences - Child and Youth Studies

Maurice Feldman, Ph.D.

Ph.D., C. Psych, BCBA-D - Professor
MC A236
(905) 688-5550 ext. 4894

Dr. Feldman is a cross-listed professor with the Department of Child and Youth Studies. His primary academic unit is the Centre for Applied Disability Studies. As such, he typically accepts MA students thought that program, but will consider Child and Youth Studies MA applicants.

Dr. Feldman is a scientist-practitioner with expertise in behaviour disorders, autism, developmental disabilities, child maltreatment, and parenting. He is a leading expert in parenting by persons with learning difficulties, having designed and scientifically validated a parent education program emulated worldwide. Recently, he was co-Principal Investigator (with Frances Owen) of the 3R's - Human Rights Training Project for Persons with intellectual disabilities. He has published extensively in peer-review journals and books, and has given numerous addresses and workshops. 

Research Interests

  • Child maltreatment and parenting, particularly related to child neglect and parents with learning difficulties
  • Early identification and intervention for children with or at risk for developmental, behavioural, emotional, psychiatric, and school problems.
  • Atypical development, including autism, developmental disabilities, developmental psychopathology, dual diagnosis.
  • Positive behavioural interventions for severe behaviour disorders.
  • Parent, teacher and staff training.
  • Human rights and disabilities

Recent Publications

Feldman, M.A., & Aunos, M. (2010). Comprehensive competence-based parenting capacity assessment for parents with learning difficulties. Kingston, NY: NADD Press.

Peer-review articles

Feldman, M.A., Bosett, J., Collet, C., & Burnham Riosa, P. (2013). Where are persons with intellectual disabilities in medical research? A survey of medical clinical trials. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research. doi: 10.1111/jir.12091

Starke, M., Wade, C., Feldman, M.A., & Mildon, R. (2013). Parenting with disabilities: experiences from implementing a parenting support programme in Sweden. Journal of Intellectual Disabilities, 17, 145-156.

Feldman, M.A., Battin, S.M., Shaw, O.A. & Luckasson, R. (2012). Inclusion of children with disabilities in mainstream child development research. Disability and Society. DOI:10.1080/09687599.2012.748647
Feldman, M.A., Owen, F., Andrews, A.E., Hamelin, J.P., Barber, R., Griffiths, D. (2012). Health self-advocacy training for persons with intellectual disabilities. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 56 (Part II), 1110-1121. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2788.2012.01626.x
Feldman, M.A., McConnell, D., Aunos, M. (2012). Parental cognitive impairment, mental health and child outcomes in a child protection population. Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 5 (1), 66-90. (invited peer-review).
Feldman, M.A., Ward, R.A., Regehr, K.D., Savona, D., Parker, K., Hudson, M., Penny, H., & Holden, J.J.A. (2012). Development and initial validation of a parent report measure of the behavioral development of infants at risk for autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 42, 13–22. DOI 10.1007/s10803-011-1208-y.
McConnell, D., Aunos, M., Feldman, M. & Prasad, N. G. (2011). Parental cognitive impairment and child maltreatment in Canada. Child Abuse & Neglect, 35, 621– 632.

McConnell, D., Feldman, M., Aunos, M. & Prasad, N. G. (2011). Child maltreatment investigations involving parents with cognitive impairments in Canada. Child Maltreatment, 16(1) 21-32.
Book Chapters
Feldman, M., Cruz, V., Hay, J., McConnell, D., & Tardif-Williams, C. (2012). A right to parent: Supports for parents with intellectual disabilities and their children. In D. Griffiths, F. Owen, & S. Watson (eds.), Human rights agenda: An action plan to advance the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities. Pp. 129-138.Kingston, NY: NADD Press.
Aunos, M. & Feldman, M. (2011). Parenting by persons with intellectual disabilities. I. Brown & M. Percy (Eds), Developmental Disabilities in Ontario. Third Edition. Pp. 909-923.Toronto, ON: OADD.
Feldman, M. (2010). Parenting education programs. In G. Llewellyn, R.Traustadóttir, D. McConnell, & H. Björg Sigurjónsdóttir (Eds.), Parents with intellectual disabilities: Past, present and futures. (pp. 121-136). Chichester, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.
Manuals and Technical Reeports
Vause, T., Neil, N., & Feldman, M. (2011). I believe in me, Not OCB! A workbook of group function-based CBT for obsessive-compulsive behaviours in children and youth with ASD. St. Catharines, ON: Brock University.
Andrews, A., Bishop, C., Agnew, S., Hamelin, J., Griffiths. D., Owen, F., & Feldman, M. (2010). Teaching health self-advocacy skills to adults with intellectual disabilities. Welland, ON: Community Living Welland Pelham.
Agnew, S., Bishop, C., Gosse, L., Stoner, K., Vyrostko, B., Terreberry, T., Taruli, D., Tardif-Williams, C., Griffiths, D., Feldman, M., & Owen, F. (2010). Rights, respect and responsibility: Rights in everyday life. Welland, ON: Community Living Welland Pelham.
 McConnell, D., Feldman, M., Aunos, M. & Prasad, N. (2010). Child welfare process and outcome, Caregiver cognitive impairment: Secondary analysis of the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect (CIS-2003). Family and Disability Studies, University of Alberta. ISBN: 978-1-55195-262-8.
 Invited Presentations
Feldman, M.A. (2013, Apr). Competence-based, parenting assessments and interventions for parents with intellectual disabilities. NADD Webinar.
Feldman, M.A. (2012, Oct.). Early detection and intervention of children at-risk for ASD. Dept. of Psychology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.
Feldman, M.A. (2012, Oct.). Making research real: Role of behavioural supports in transitioning individuals with intellectual disability from treatment bed to residential services. Open Minds across Canada Mental Health symposium, Healthy Minds Canada, Whitby, ON (simulcast across Canada and then archived on
Feldman, M.A., & Ward, R.A. (2012, Jun). Early identification and intervention of children at-risk for ASD. Dept. of Psychology, University of Iceland, Reykjavik.
Feldman, M.A. (2012, Mar.). Preventing child neglect. Evidence-based parent education for parents with learning difficulties. University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
Feldman, M.A. (2011, Nov.). Preventing child-neglect through contextual behavioral assessment and intervention. New York State Association for Behavior Analysis, Saratoga Springs, NY.
 Feldman, M.A. (2011, Oct.). Parenting with an intellectual disability: Comprehensive assessment and intervention. Adult Protective Service Workers of Ontario, Annual Conference, Kempenfelt, ON
Feldman, M.A. (2011, Sep.). Comprehensive, competence-based parenting capacity assessment for parents with learning difficulties.. The Association for Successful Parenting, Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD.
 Feldman, M., & Luckasson, R. (2011, Apr.). Exclusion of children with disabilities from mainstream child development research. Invited views of two. Society for Research in Child Development, biannual conference, Montreal.
Dr. Maurice Feldman
Dr. Maurice Feldman


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