Application (On-Line)

Centre for Applied Disability Studies

Application (On-Line)

Application information and instructions can be found here!

Application Information and Tips:

  1. Be sure to select the appropriate programme:
    MA - Master of Arts in Applied Disability Studies
    M.ADS - Master of Applied Disability Studies
    Diploma - Diploma in Applied Disability Studies
    *This is very important.  The Centre for Applied Disability Studies will not contact you to verify you have applied for the correct programme.  You will only be considered for the programme(s) for which you have applied.  If you are unsure which programme is the one you are looking for, please review the various programmes on our website for details prior to completing the application.

    What's the difference between the M.ADS and MA programme?

  2. You can apply to more than one programme; there will be an option for this in the application process.  Should you wish to apply to more than one programme (ie:  MA and M.ADS), be sure that the first programme you choose is your first choice as this will be how your application is reviewed - in order of choice.  All choices will be given equal consideration within the application pool of each programme.  If you do wish to apply to more than one programme, you must supply the supporting materials for EACH programme (this includes transcripts, letters of reference, CV's, etc).
  3. Statement of Intent:  The Centre for Applied Disability Studies does not have specific formatting requirements for your statement of intent.  You may format it in any way you wish, so long as you limit it to the number of pages specified in the application instructions.  MA applicants should include in their letter the name of any Faculty Member(s) with whom they wish to work. 
  4. Letters of Reference:  Referees must fill out the on-line form provided through the application process. Please contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies for questions about this.  Should you wish to change the name of your referee after completing the online portion of the application, please notify the Office of Graduate Studies of this change.  M.ADS and Diploma applicants may include professional references in lieu of Academic references, however, at least one (1) Academic reference is preferred, when possible.
  5. We cannot look at your qualifications to asses your eligibility prior to application.  We often have questions from prospective students requesting we review their qualifications and/or application to see if they could be admitted to the programme.  This is not something we can or will do.  Applications are reviewed by the committee after the deadline date and eligibility is determined at that time.  Please review the admission requirements to find out if you meet the programme's minimum eligibility.
  6. The application deadline is January 15th of each year.  Preference will be given to applicants who have submitted their complete application package (including all supporting application materials such as transcripts, letters of reference, CV, etc) by February 1st.  Only complete applications will be reviewed.  If your application is not submitted and complete by February 1st there is no guarantee it will be reviewed in the first round of admissions.  We will review all late applications for admission in our subsequent admission rounds.
  7. Any changes to your application or personal information must be conveyed to the Office of Graduate Studies and not to the Centre for Applied Disability Studies.
  8. Most importantly, read the application instructions provided by the Office of Graduate Studies thoroughly BEFORE filling out your application.