MA Applied Linguistics (TESL)

Faculty of Social Sciences

MA Applied Linguistics (TESL)

Graduates of the Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics (TESL) program work throughout the world in such fields as: ELS teachers, educational administrators and consultants; language consultants for international companies language software or systems developers; editors; dictionary researchers; and in many other exciting careers.

Alumni Testimonials

Donna Pearce

"the diverse backgrounds of the students in our program provided us all with new insights and greatly increased our intercultural awareness and understanding."

Isabelle C. Camillo

"The program provided me with a setting in which I could work on my academic and research skills while developing ideas for realistic use."



Kelley Fast

"This MA sparked new interest in my profession and teaching and for that I feel that I left the program a better teacher.”


Justin Zhang

"The MA in Applied Linguistics has not only provided me a professional linguistics background, but also opened a door for me to see the beauty of multiculturalism and helped me realize that in such a broad world, the applied linguistics is becoming much more useful and has penetrated into many fields."