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David Hayes, PhD (University of Birmingham)
Associate Professor
MC-C412, Ext. 5359
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Dr. Hayes has been at Brock since July 2006. Prior to joining Brock, he was a teacher and teacher-educator in Malaysia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sri Lanka and Thailand; as well as carrying out consultancies in Cyprus, Korea, Mauritius, Nigeria, Vietnam and Zimbabwe for organizations such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the British Council and the RAND Corporation. He also taught at the Universities of Leeds and York in the United Kingdom. 


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Dr. Hayes teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in Applied Linguistics/TESL. He is currently teaching:


  • LING 5P07 Topics in Second Language Acquisition Theory and Research (D2)


  • LING 3Q91 Second Language Acquisition and Learning - also offered as PSYC 3Q91 (D2)
  • LING 4P10 Topics in Second Language Acquisition and Learning - with a primary focus on the sociopolitics of SLA (D3)


Dr. Hayes’ principal research interests lie in the sociopolitics of teaching English as a subsequent language, the lives and careers of non-native speaking teachers of English in their own state educational systems and systemic educational change.

Since coming to Brock, Dr Hayes has been involved in a number of projects with the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation (KICE), most recently "In-service English teacher evaluation: Perspectives, processes and instruments." In 2007-8, he collaborated on the project "The provision of in-service education for teachers of English in Korea since 2003" (Research Report CRI 2008-1-2).

In 2011 Dr Hayes received an SSHRC grant for his project "The role of school language education in the development of respect among ethnic communities in Sri Lanka and its impact on the development of the foundations for social harmony in the country".  


Dr. Hayes was an Advisory Board Member of the Humanities Research Institute at Brock from July 2007 to June 2011. He was also Graduate Program Director in the department from 2007-11. 

Before moving to Canada in 2006, Dr Hayes was a trustee (with responsibility for educational activities) of the Karen Hill Tribe Trust, a UK-based charity working in northern Thailand. www.karenhilltribes.org

David Hayes

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