Collaborative Study - Social Service Worker

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Collaborative Study - Social Service Worker

This program is designed for students seeking a career as a Social Service Worker in the Province of Ontario.  It is available to Psychology and Women's & Gender Studies majors who maintain a 70% average in their courses. 

About the program
Brock University and Sheridan College have teamed up to develop the collaborative Social Service Worker program. In just four years, students in the program earn both a twenty-credit BA degree from Brock University (major in either Psychology or Women's/Gender Studies) and a diploma in Social Service Worker from Sheridan College, something that would typically take six years to complete.  Upon graduation, students are eligible to be licensed as Social Service Workers in the Province of Ontario (see for details).

Some career options include:

  • youth worker within recreation programs or drop in centres
  • program assistant in centres for the developmentally challenged
  • counsellor in a variety of group home and mental health settings, crisis centres, and centres for women

Students apply to the collaborative program at the end of their first successful year of study at Brock. A minimum 70% average is required to be considered for admission, but please note that reaching this minimum does not guarantee acceptance.

Contact: Kirsti van Dorsser (Psychology), Jeanette Ramsay (Women's & Gender Studies)

Online application form - Psychology

Online application form - Women's & Gender Studies