Collaborative Study in Public Relations

Faculty of Social Sciences

Collaborative Study in Public Relations

This program is designed for those who want a career in Public Relations.  It is available to Communication Studies majors who maintain a 70% average in their courses.

About the Program

Brock University and Mohawk College have teamed up to develop the Collaborative Study in Public Relations Program.  In just four years, students in this program complete both an Honours degree at Brock and a Public Relations certificate at Mohawk, something that would take five years if done consecutively.

Career Options:
Upon completion of this program you may find a career in a variety of government, non-profit, corporations, and private businesses (e.g., public relations agencies, advertising agencies, marketing agencies, promotional agencies). 

Students apply to the collaborative program at the end of their first successful year of study at Brock. A minimum 70% average is required to be considered for admission, but please note that reaching this minimum does not guarantee acceptance.

Contact: Penni Lafleur

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