Collaborative Program in Film Studies

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Collaborative Program in Film Studies

This program is designed for those who want a career in film-making or broadcast television.  It is available to Film Studies majors who maintain a 70% average in their studies.

About the Program

Brock University and Fanshawe College have teamed up to create the Collaborative Program in Film Studies.  This collaborative program is an innovative way of completing both a Four Year BA with a Major in Film Studies at Brock and a post-degree certificate in one of three disciplines at Fanshawe in only four years (something that would take you five if done consecutively).  The three programs that you have to choose from include Advanced Filmmaking, Broadcast Journalism-Television News, and Visual Effects and Editing for Contemporary Media (see the complete program descriptions at the Fanshawe site).

Students apply to the collaborative program at the end of their first successful year of study at Brock. A minimum 70% average is required to be considered for admission, but please note that reaching this minimum does not guarantee acceptance.

Contact: Penni Lafleur

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